How To Sell Products Online Without GST Registration?

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 11, 2022

In this new year if you are planning to sell your products online and are clueless about where to start, how to list your products online, how to ship those products, how to manage bills, invoices, returns and offers, then stay tuned to know all the answers to your questions. 

Some E-commerce Sites With No VAT Or GST

Everyone thinks of creating a second income while working in a 9-5 job to be financially independent in their future. Although, there are a lot of ways to do so, among them, selling products in e-commerce is rated as the best way to generate a sustainable income.

Sell Products Online

We already know that the Indian Government has imposed GST on almost every product and to sell a product GST registration is required. However, there are some E-commerce sites where you can sell your products without VAT or GST. Continue reading to know more about those sites:

✳ EBAY- This is one of the largest E-Commerce sites which holds numerous sellers on board. The best part is that you can start selling just by creating an account on eBay and its PaisaPay account for payment service. You only need a bank account that will be linked to your seller account, and you can start listing your items once you’re done setting up both accounts.

✳ INFIBEAM- This store comes in the second number with a revenue of around 100 crores in the digital market. It is compulsory for the user to have a PAN Card and then only they can list their products easily without VAT or GST. Being India’s leading e-commerce company, it provides a whole new experience to its sellers as well as its customers.

✳ CRAFTSVILLA- It is a slightly different marketplace as the users can sell unique handmade, vintage, and organic products along with other common items. Like other e-commerce websites mentioned in this list, any kind of VAT or GST registration of the users is not needed in CraftsVilla. It’s very user-friendly and allows you to list your products in a wide range of designer wedding collections, jewelry, home decor, bath and beauty products, trendy bags, healthcare, natural organic products, and many more.

✳ KRAFTLY- Kraftly is a huge and excellent platform for everyone be it a student, homemaker, or unemployed. As a seller, you can commence your store on Kraftly and sell a wide range of products in notebooks, men and women accessories, T-shirts, kitchen, and much more, without even registering for GST or VAT. 

✳ FLEAFFAIR- Fleaffair is an e-commerce market that enables its seller to sell their products without registration. Right from shoes, apparel, household items, fashion accessories, and many more, this site offers a wide range of choices for its sellers to fit in.

Apart from these e-commerce stores, a person can sell its products also on social media sites such as Instagram or Facebook. There is no GST registration needed, you simply have to create an attractive account and you can easily have a one-to-one chat with your customers. And if you want to sell your products on popular e-commerce sites such as Amazon or Flipkart, you can do it without registration only if your annual turnover is below 20Lakhs.

E-commerce is becoming the future of this planet and it is excellent in providing a large platform to several users who want to sell their products, without much difficulty.

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