Tom Arnold Claims That Wendy Williams Had Her Talk Show With NeNe Leakes

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : June 30, 2022

NeNe Leaked claims for the real reason why Wendy Williams allegedly axed her talk show with Tom Arnold and it went beyond the frenemies of the 2014 Birkin bag debacle.

Meanwhile, the Real Housewives of Atlanta alum told in Page Six exclusively said that there is always truth to the story, The former Roseanne star told us that she has insisted that there was an underlying implication that has been triggered her scathing blog post, on which both she and Arnold is having believed cost them the gig.

Tom Arnold Claims That Wendy Williams Had Her Talk Show With NeNe Leakes

Leakes, who is 54 years old, recalled recently that Wendy has seen that she had defaced my Birkin bag, and yes, she has also posted a comment on her show’s social media page about it.

Tom Arnold Claims That Wendy Williams Had Her Talk Show With NeNe Leakes

She has also mentioned that she has not felt that was not the trigger. The trigger was what she had said about it and her on her Hot Topics.

Leakes has alleged that the Wendy Williams Show host, who is 57 years old has suggested to Preface that she even did not remember Williams’s on-air comments word for word, and also mentioned that she was not wealthy enough to deface a purse that could cost upwards of $10,000.

Leakes has also told us that Kim Kardashian had done the same thing almost around the same time, and defaced her Birkin bag. Wendy has said to Kim that Kim can do that because she had the money to do such a thing, but basically, I did not.

Tom Arnold Claims That Wendy Williams Had Her Talk Show With NeNe Leakes

The reality star has not necessarily felt that it was her furious response to Williams, which we can see that she is sure that you are scared, and she will take your place. She has also mentioned that She knows you have heard! Umm-hmm wink, and wrote in such a kind of warning like BE SCARED, and this statement has set off the media personality.

Leakes had told us that Williams whom she didn’t like, and she called Wendell in her response.

Leakes recalled that she responded by saying something like, Now, Wendell, she has four Birkin bags, and she can do the same, with them, and the name she gave her Wendell quickly went viral.

She has claimed that Wendy had not liked it, adding that she has allegedly never heard from the production company again.

“Debmar-Mercury has pulled the deal and stopped all the communication with her, and their deal went dead,” She mentioned.

According to the Linnethia Lounge owner, she has been already in talks with Debmar-Mercury who produced “The Wendy Williams Show” at the time when “they both brought up the possibility of it being a male/female duo.”

She has claimed that when Arnold was brought into the mix. In his own interview with Page Six, the actor who is 63 years old, told us that the purse debacle was “an eye-opener” for him and he has got a topic that he was hoping to dive into on the first episode of his show with Leakes. However, he has claimed that Leakes was unrepentant.

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