Tom Hiddleston Says He’s Quite Thrilled About His Engagement To Zawe Ashton!

A wedding is on the horizon for actor/singer Tom Hiddleston. Three months after popping the question to Zawe Ashton, the Loki star is speaking out about their engagement. Page Six reports that in a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, the legendary anti-hero said, “I’m quite thrilled.”

Tom Hiddleston Says He’s Quite Thrilled About His Engagement To Zawe Ashton

At the 2022 BAFTA Awards, they were seen with British TV personality AJ Odudu, which sparked engagement speculations. Rumors of the couple’s engagement were prompted by Ashton’s massive diamond ring on her finger, which was seen in the picture. Despite the evident elephant in the room, many thought the pair had gotten engaged, even though they had not.

For those who don’t know, the couple started dating in 2019 and appeared on the red carpet for the first time in 2021, for those who don’t know. They previously worked together on Betrayal, a play about betrayal.

Actress Susannah Fielding and pop sensation Taylor Swift have been linked to actor Tom Hiddleston in the past, most recently in 2016. Ashton’s connection with him has been kept quiet, while Swift’s romance was well-publicized. The Blank Space singer, he claimed in an interview with G.Q., “is kind, polite, and amazing, and we had the best time.” He then went on to talk about his brief relationship with Taylor Swift and their separation. “A partnership is a two-way street. It takes effort to connect with a spotlight.”

Tom Hiddleston briefly acknowledged his engagement in a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, which was published on Tuesday.

“I’m incredibly delighted,” Hiddleston said when asked about his proposal to Ashton in March

When E.T.’s Rachel Smith congratulated him on his engagement on the red carpet for The Essex Serpent in April, he conveyed a similar perspective.

“Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for everything that you have done. You guessed it: I’m thrilled” Hiddleston was moved to tears as the Apple TV+ series premiered to a standing ovation. In a word, “I’m ecstatic.”

E.T. has learned that the pair, who had kept their romance under wraps, are getting married after sparking engagement rumors while attending the BAFTAs in March.

At the wedding in London, England, Ashton was seen sporting a stunning diamond ring on her finger. Hiddleston, 41, looked dapper in a black tuxedo, while Ashton, 37, looked stunning in a blush pink gown with draping.

Despite Ashton’s black clutch pocketbook, which usually hides her brilliant new jewelry, the ring was on full display as the couple stood alongside British television personality AJ Odudu at the occasion. This piece of jewelry has a sizeable oval-cut diamond ringed by smaller diamonds.

Betrayal, a drama that premiered in London’s West End before moving to Broadway in 2019, brought Hiddleston and Ashton together. They didn’t proclaim their relationship status at the time, but various accounts have indicated that they started dating after working on the project together.

In September of 2021, while swimming off the coast of Ibiza, Spain, the couple was discovered with a PDA in hand. Later that month, at the Tony Awards, they made their red carpet debut together.

After dating British actress Susanna Fielding for three years, Hiddleston temporarily linked up with Taylor Swift in 2016. As a result of their Met Gala outing and subsequent whirlwind romance, the A-listers started sporting the “I love T.S.” shirt. According to rumors, Swift’s song “Getaway Car” was allegedly inspired by their brief courtship.

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