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Top Health Officials Believe Drastic Change Required To Supress Covid-19 Cases In The US

With the underwhelming vaccination numbers in the country, Covid-19 cases across the US are surging. 

Throughout the 50 states, the new Delta variant, first identified in India, has wreaked havoc which has left health experts to believe that something ‘dramatic’ has to be done to undo the effect of the virus.

Dr. Leana Wen, CNN’s medical analyst told that the American people misunderstood CDC guidelines for fully vaccinated people. She added that even unvaccinated people took the liberty to forego public health guidelines like travelling and gatherings which was meant for fully vaccinated Americans.

Health Officials Believe Drastic Change Required To Supress Covid-19 Cases In The US

At least 38 states in the country are seeing an alarming increase of 50% new cases as compared to last week, with the average new cases 10% higher in the US overall. This data by the John Hopkins University, has fuelled the belief that the rise in infection numbers is largely due to the slow vaccination efforts in the country. As per data from the US Centers for Disease and Prevention, 48.3% of the US population has been fully vaccinated so far.

The Delta variant has hit states like Utah, Arkansas and Florida the hardest, with only 35.1% of the population being fully vaccinated in Arkansas. The Chancellor of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Mr. Cam Patterson said that cases are doubling every 10 days in the state as hospitals are again starting to become fully occupied. 

Health Officials Believe Drastic Change Required To Supress Covid-19 Cases In The US

Emergency response services across the state also said that they had been receiving a record number of calls pertaining to the virus. 

Meanwhile in Missouri, a local health department worker from the Springfield-Greene had asked the state to fund for staffing and create a new Covid-19 care site to handle the rise of severe cases. 

CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said that there is still hope for the virus numbers to dwindle if enough people get vaccinated. However, she also warned that if the present trend of rising cases continues, then states could implement travel restrictions for unvaccinated individuals.

She further added that the vaccination efforts have to double down along with other preventive measures. The Director said that the same approach has to adopted as last year, when life came to a standstill across the globe and the economy plummeted. 

The top infectious disease expert also said that with the rising number of infections, low vaccination rates and the spread of the new Delta variant, things could get worse for the country. 

Some states have already ramped up precautions. California, the largest country in terms of population, with over 10 million people responded to the rise in infections and hospitalizations by reinforcing mask mandates. 

Dr. Leana Wen approved of this and said that other states may have follow suit. 

As many corporate offices made it mandatory for its employees to get vaccinated, many universities and colleges have also made similar guidelines for students. 

Governor Dan McKee of Rhode Island announced that students of all colleges and universities in the state have to be fully vaccinated before returning to campus this fall. 

University of California also made it mandatory for the students, teachers, and staff to be fully vaccinated. 

Health experts expressed their concerns regarding misinformation and vaccine hesitancy among the public in the US. They fear that such hesitancy may lead to a surge in cases, hospitalizations, and ICU admissions. 

The US Census Bureau’s Household Pulse Survey revealed that the number of people who ‘definitely ‘or ‘probably’ won’t get vaccinated are up from last month, which adds to the potential risk of surge in infection rates.

Presently, about 343,000 people are getting vaccinated in the US every day, with 48.9% of the total population fully vaccinated. 

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