Tracing Back Of Patient Zero In A Florida Office

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : June 25, 2021

In a recent outbreak of coronavirus cases in a Florida government office based in Manatee County, officials have traced back the patient zero. The outbreak in the government office has infected many. While several people were hospitalized, it claimed two lives as well. All were unvaccinated against covid-19.

Tracing Back Of Patient Zero In A Florida Office

It was found out through contact tracing that one of the officials in the IT cell of the organization was infected by an unknown contact. In a virtual news conference held on Wednesday, the Manatee county administrator Scott Hopes told about the origin of this outbreak.

Tracing Back Of Patient Zero In A Florida Office

Scott said that the virus then spread in the IT department infecting four other coworkers who were neither vaccinated nor were wearing masks. However, he told reporters that one of the person who was in direct contact and exposure to the patient was not infected as he was administered with covid-19 vaccine shots.

Scott Hopes, who is also an epidemiologist, said that the 23 years old employee in the IT department gets himself vaccinated soon after Florida’s eligibility criteria allowed him to do so. 

Hopes added in the statement that since the person was vaccinated, it not only saved him from getting infected and saved him but also stooped the infection timeline at him that might otherwise have spread even more. Since he was next in line but was vaccinated, the virus could not continue the chain after hitting a vaccinated person.

Hopes said that another employee who worked in another department on the same floor was confirmed to be infected on June 13. Hopes said that the case seems to be an outlier and not involved in the chain of the original outbreak of the covid-19 infection in office. 

Hopes also added that the affected employees are no longer hospitalized. Some have also returned back to their offices. The Manatee county office was reopened on Monday when no new cases were reported among the employees.

Hopes added that they are encouraging employees to get vaccinated and a vaccination camp will also be held on Friday for the same. Also, they asked are asking and encouraging employees to wear masks till they receive their vaccine shots. 

He told the reporters that such losses could be prevented through vaccination. Vaccination is working and life is very precious to lose like this. Everyone should be vaccinated to check the spread of infection.

The two employees at the Manatee county office who succumbed to Covid-19 infection were identified as Mary Knight and Alphonso Cox who were working in the IT department.

Kim Strong-Cox, the wife of the deceased Alphonso Cox, said that her husband was not feeling well and was at home before being diagnosed with the covid-19 infection. He was diagnosed in a week for the infection and was soon hospitalized. 

She added that though they considered getting the covid-19 shots, they were still doubtful about many other things revolving around the vaccines. They were still researching about the stuff and were not mentally prepared to get the shot.

Mary Knights daughter also remembered her mother as a kind and loving person. She said that she was a dedicated, hard-working and extremely energetic person. No one can match the level of her energy.

She added that her mother was performing multiple jobs. She was handling work, multiple kids, and everything. She tried to give her hundred per cent to everyone.

The Manatee county office has paid tribute to the deceased employees. 

Vaccinations are the only way to contain the covid-19 infection. People are still hesitant and doubtful about vaccines. This may cost individuals and the country with their precious lives.

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