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Tracking Of New COVID-19 Stains Elevated In The U.S

On Sunday, the CDC’s chief Dr Rochelle Walensky said that the agency is putting forward efforts to control the pandemic and make treatments effective against the new variants till the country reaches herd immunity condition.  

Dr Walensky said that the total number of infections in the country has surpassed 25 million and the total deaths also reached above 417,000 within a year after the first COVID-19 positive case was detected in the country. 

Tracking Of New COVID-19 Stains Elevated In The U.S

She added that presently the administration has passed five days but is still left with a challenge to fight against the pandemic and distribute vaccines.

Tracking Of New COVID-19 Stains

For weeks after the presidential election, Biden’s transition team was ignored in the deliberations of vaccine roll-out, since Trump didn’t accept his defeat and let his successor be accessed with the information which he needed to prepare for his presidency. 

Biden’s chief of staff Ron Klain said that when the new administration came into power in the White House, there was no plan existing to distribute vaccine doses beyond nursing homes and hospitals. 

Dr Walensky said that currently, she is confident with the new administration that soon it would tackle all the issues related to the vaccination supply as well as expand the vaccine production and distribution widely by the last week of March. 

Biden’s administration has to plan far beyond to resolve all the current uncertainty over immediate supplies, and to bring in measures like many other sites for vaccinations, personnel, and appointments to set up in the meantime, making more shots available. 

Since the country is being attacked by several more contagious variants of the coronavirus, vaccination has become even more urgent for now. 

According to Dr Wallensky, presently, CDC is working together with the National Institutes of Health, The Food and Drug Administration as well as the Pentagon to scale up both the surveillance and study of the new strain of the coronavirus.

The focus of these was to monitor how the vaccines and therapeutics get impacted by these new strains since the virus undergo certain transformations during its spread.

Mask wearing and keeping appropriate social distancing measures is significant in the current situation as it will reduce the amount of the virus that is spreading hence reducing the number of variants. 

Scientists said that the vaccines that are currently being administered in the country are effective against the U.K variant though it has a higher level of mortality. 

However, over the South African strain of the coronavirus, the efficacy of both the two approved vaccines is doubtful since the virus showed resistance to the three antibody treatments developed for the patients. The Brazilian variant that has been detected so far also showed a similar response to antibody treatments.

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