Tragic Death Of Billionaire’s Son!! Juan Carlos Was Killed by Propeller After Jumping Off Boat To Save Fiancée

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 17, 2022

After jumping overboard, the son of a Spanish-Venezuelan wealthy banker was killed by a boat propeller. Juan Carlos Escotet Alviarez, 31, died while saving his fiancee Andrea montero, 30. She fell from an 18-meter yacht about 10 kilometers off Key Largo, Florida. 

According to its website, Mr. Escotet Alviarez was a director at Banesco USA, a division of Venezuela-based Banesco, the country’s largest private bank.

Billionare’s Son Ended With Tragic Death At The Fishing Tournament In Miami

According to Forbes, he was the youngest son of Banesco founder Juan Carlos Escotet Rodriguez, who is worth $US3.5 billion ($A4.8 billion). Escotet Alvarez, 30, and his fiancée Andrea Montero, 30, competed as anglers in Saturday’s Ocean Reef Club event. 

Escotet Alvarez was hit by a propeller just as he entered the water. According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, he died from wounds.

Tragic Death Of Billionaire's Son!! Juan Carlos Was Killed by Propeller After Jumping Off Boat To Save Fiancée

Montero’s present status has not been confirmed. Venezuelan journalist Angela Oraa stated she fled the water without consequences. The couple planned to marry in November.

Escotet Alvarez’s Instagram page reveals an ardent fisherman; one image shows him on a boat named Otoro with Montero and others.

According to the bank’s website, he was a University of Miami alumni who worked as the director of Banesco USA in Miami. Many people expressed their sympathies and grieves on Twitter.

Many of us met a young man and remembered him as an entrepreneur. He was glad to be Venezuelan, cheerful, simple, and highly kind Venezuelan journalist Blanca Vera Azaf. May his family find comfort and his soul find peace in paradise. Banesco has offices in Venezuela, Panama, the United States, the United Kingdom, and France.

The fiancee of a billionaire’s son who died in a boat accident in Florida ‘doesn’t remember the incident

Officials say the fiancee of Montero died trying to save her after going overboard during a Florida fishing tournament. She has no recollection of the fatal event. 

The Herald said late Monday that Ms. Montero could not be reached for comment. Montero was slated to marry Mr. Escotet Alviarez in November.

Andrea Montero, 30, hit her head while trying to catch a sailfish from a 60-foot boat with her fiance, 31. Still, she doesn’t recall if the injury happened when she fell or was rescued by the crew, according to Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) officials.

According to the publication, the investigation into the horrible tragedy is still ongoing, and more information may not be published. However, investigators claim that Ms. Montero fell overboard when traveling backward. It implies that the anglers were likely fighting a fish at the time. On the other hand, professional anglers warned that slipping into the water while a boat is moving backward can be fatal in an instant.

“If I’m backing down on a fish and someone falls in when the boat is going backward, they’ll finish up in the propeller,” said Larry Wren, captain of First Choice Charters. Mr. Wren compared it to a car traveling backward with someone perched on the trunk.

As they grieve this tremendous loss, his family requests privacy and respect from the press during this challenging time.

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