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Travel Bans Preventing Foreigners From Visiting The US Eased

Since the start of the pandemic, several countries and governments have had to put in place a number of restrictions to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. Many countries have issued lockdowns, prioritized social distancing, made wearing masks mandatory, and promoted a work-from-home culture in the past two years.

While these measures have been taken to limit the spread of the virus within countries, measures have also been put into practice to prevent the spread of the virus from one country to the other.

Travel Bans Preventing Foreigners From Visiting The US Eased

The United States has issued travel restrictions at different times during the pandemic banning visitors from foreign countries with high Covid-19 cases from entering the United States.

Recently, the United States has lifted the travel restrictions allowing foreigners to visit the country as long they have been vaccinated with the Covid-19 vaccine. Countries such as the United Kingdom and other European Union countries can now visit the United States again.

Travel Bans Preventing Foreigners From Visiting The US Eased

The White House announced that as long as proof of vaccinations can be produced by passengers, their travel will not be restricted.

Jeff Zients who the White House put in charge of handling the country’s Covid-19 response, said that travelers and visitors will be required to provide proof of vaccination as well as a negative Covid-19 test. The Covid-19 test must be taken within three days after the traveler has departed.

Zients explains that vaccination proof must be shown before boarding a plane headed for the United States. Government authorities assured the public that exceptions for the vaccination mandate while flying would be made in certain cases such as for children who are too young to take the vaccine.

According to the White House announcement, the travel restriction will be eased at the beginning of November. This is an opportune time as per data from airline industries holiday bookings will receive a boost at this time of the year. This change will come as a welcome relief to the airline industry that has been petitioning the government for travel restrictions to be lifted.

The White House under the Trump government issued the restrictions when the pandemic first began in March 2020. When President Joe Biden took over the presidency, he continued to enforce the new travel rules.

The travel restrictions currently prevent the entry of people from 30 countries. Other countries such as the United Kingdom and countries belonging to the European Union lifted travel bans with the availability of Covid-19 vaccines.

The United States, however, has held fast to its travel ban until now. The Biden government has adhered steadfastly to the travel rules, refusing to allow the return of United States residents who have not received the Covid-19 vaccine. Authorities have also stressed that passengers traveling from foreign countries must take a Covid-19 test a day before departing and another test when they return.

While the White House announcement implies that travel will be made easier, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention expects airline companies to collect and record information of passengers so

that contact tracing can be carried out if needed. Zients stated that a contact tracing order will be necessitated by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. All airlines will have to provide information such as phone numbers and emails ids about travelers headed for the United States.

The announcement has brought forth a positive response among many. Not only has it allowed many US residents, who are stranded abroad to return home and improved business for the airline industry but the shares of several airline companies have risen due to the announcement.  

The announcement prompted a rise in shares for companies such as Delta Air, United Airlines, and American Airlines. Airlines that have international ties and reach also stand to gain from these changes in the travel policy. Even Airlines that are still in their infancy such as JetBlue Airways stand to gain from this policy change.

The president of Airlines for America, Nicholas Calio in response to the White House announcement said that American Airlines firmly believe in safely enforcing all rules and regulations while helping people to return home or visit America after two years of distance.

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