Travel Safety In Vaccinated And Boosted Individuals

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : February 22, 2022

The global coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the lives of millions of people worldwide. While some people are frustrated due to the various restrictions, others have adjusted to the new norms. Many are still rendered jobless due to limited staffing at various places and the closing of many businesses.

Travel Safety In Vaccinated And Boosted Individuals

Many restrictions that were in place have been lifted. Shops, restaurants, nightclubs, theaters are fully functional in some places. Mask mandate restrictions have been removed in some places, but are still ongoing in other places.

Travel Safety In Vaccinated And Boosted Individuals

Vaccination and booster doses have proved to be the most effective tool in bringing coronavirus and its variants under control. Vaccinations seem to work not only against the earlier variants but also against the newer variants including omicron, which is the highly transmissible and highly infectious strain of coronavirus.

Vaccinations aim to work by protecting against infection and also by preventing serious hospitalization and death. Fully vaccinated individuals are advised to get boosted once they are eligible. All the nations are urging their citizens to get fully vaccinated and boosted.

Fully recovered individuals from coronavirus and omicron tend to develop natural immunity against the disease, but the extent of protection depends on the seriousness of their illness and age among other factors.

With travel restrictions like carrying a vaccine passport while traveling or carrying a negative report while traveling being lifted off, many vaccinated and boosted people are breathing a sigh of relief that they will be able to travel anywhere without any fear of the virus and without any other restrictions.

Some experts agree that it is safe to travel if an individual is fully vaccinated and recovered from coronavirus or omicron, as fully vaccinated and recovered individuals are protected against serious illnesses and complications.

Others are still skeptical in view of the fact that coronavirus has still not been eradicated from our society. Dr. Patrice Harris, former president of the American Medical Association and CEO of the at-home medical testing company eMed, says that the pandemic is not over yet.

There are others who are against mask mandates, even while traveling. With chances of newer and more transmissible variants evolving, it is still too early to decide on whether traveling, unless absolutely necessary, is needed. It also depends on the area to which we are traveling, as there are still areas that are reporting higher new cases every day.

However, some doctors are of the opinion that young fully vaccinated individuals with no underlying medical conditions are absolutely safe to travel. For older, immunocompromised individuals, traveling is still not considered safe though. It is also advisable for pregnant ladies to delay their travel plans in the current scenario.

The US alone still accounts for approximately 2400 deaths per day. In such an instance, though the daily new cases are showing a steep decline, it is clear that coronavirus still exists and the only option left is to live with the virus.

The previous lockdowns have forced people to be confined to their houses, away from their near and dear ones. The lifting of restrictions fully vaccinated and boosted status, declining cases, the ready availability of at-home testing kits have given hopes to many to start traveling again.

The decision on whether it is safe to travel or not remains an individual choice that people should take, depending on their health, their reason to travel. While traveling also, it is absolutely necessary that one humbly follows the precautions that are already in place, like wearing proper masks, social distancing, sanitizing, washing hands regularly, avoiding touching mouth and nose, to keep oneself and others protected during the travel. Unvaccinated people or people feeling sick or tested positive should avoid traveling, at least for the sake of the safety of co-passengers.

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