Traveling Now Requires Coronavirus Vaccination, Here Is How The Unvaccinated Respond

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 11, 2021

Unvaccinated people are desperate to travel again. But rules and regulations are making it all the harder. The travel industry now requires you to get vaccinated to book flights, avoid quarantine, and for a vacation to tropical islands. Furthermore, vaccination is now a requirement to do the things like visiting a restaurant, attending universities, and returning to the office.

More and more countries and businesses now require that people get vaccinated. This leaves others with no choice, but to follow suit. These requirements are almost like mandates. The only difference is that, if they undergo rigorous testing and other mitigation measures, they can avoid vaccination. But these mandate-like restrictions are making life practically difficult for those unvaccinated.

Traveling Now Requires Coronavirus Vaccination, Here Is How The Unvaccinated Respond

Vaccine requirements have more backing in Europe than in the US. The country stands divided in this regard. While 49% of the population supports mandate-like measures, 46% is against it. Political inclinations and age are seen as the major factors that divide the nation here.

Traveling Now Requires Coronavirus Vaccination, Here Is How The Unvaccinated Respond

A reputed news channel interviewed more than a dozen unvaccinated travelers. There appeared a complex web of frustrations, mistrust, and fears. Some are quite indifferent towards the vaccines and the restrictions the world imposes on them.

A vast majority of people who are against vaccine mandates don’t like being dubbed as “anti-vaxxers. For instance, a mental health counselor from the South said that she and her children are vaccinated against other diseases. She is only against these vaccines made in a rush. Others are concerned about the current status of the vaccines available for use in the country. They are not yet fully authorized. Some are willing to get vaccinated the moment they are proven safe and effective and that is not right.

Singapore, in the meantime, says that it is on track to fulfill its target of 80% vaccination by next month. But the 27-year-old Ng Syn Jae is not going to be one among them. According to him, the vaccines available in Singapore are still in their trials. He fears the long-term negative effects they may have. There are several others who shared the same fear.

The agencies like FDA or WHO don’t agree with them. They maintain that the vaccines are safe and effective. They offer strong protection from all the existing variants of the virus.

199 countries have administered COVID 19 vaccine doses to their populations. And 30% of the globe has received at least the first dose.

Ng Syn Jae feels that travel vaccines may prompt others to get vaccinated. But according to him, it is wrong. If at all he receives the shot, he prefers the Chinese Sinovac. The technology it uses is older than that of mRNA. He says that he will receive a vaccine when pharmacies prove to him that they have taken all safety measures. Even then, he may decide to wait for more.

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Bert Valdez is a Hawaiian professional surfer. He has not yet received his shot against COVID 19 and he does not even plan to get it. According to him, the vaccine is a drug. Everyone is warned against taking them. Well-experienced and reputed, he has traveled to coastal areas like Mexico, Costa Rica, and Taiwan. He knows that the restrictions on travel will adversely affect his power to earn. But he is not angry. He feels that such restrictions won’t last long. There is going to be a transition of power across the globe.

Even when science proves the opposite, he believes that those vaccinated are the ones who spread the disease. They are then blaming those unvaccinated. According to CDC, unvaccinated people are at higher risk of getting the Coronavirus infection. Others are ready to get vaccinated if they feel the need.

The arguments in favor of, and against vaccination, are endless.

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