Treatment With Banana Protein Outperforms All Known Covid Variants And Flu

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : October 26, 2022

An international study has been conducted to develop a long-term and sustainable treatment for all variants of covid-19 and flu infections. The study has been conducted on different animals, and it has been able to show positive results for the time being. The University of Michigan and the University Of California have come to discover that the proteins from bananas help to cure different infections like Covid and Flu. 

This finding continues the study published in January 2020, which discovered a complex protein in Bananas. This protein helps to put up a tough front against viral infections. This protein has already been useful in treating chronic illnesses like MERS. All the researchers and scientists are now attempting to understand the statement’s potential to cure infections like Coronavirus and influenza. This medication will be developed as a Nasal spray for easy administration. 

Effective Development Of Treatment

H84T-BanLec is the name of the protein which is discovered in Bananas. It is believed that it is derived from the lectin protein discovered in the banana. This compound is made with the help of glycans and polysaccharides. The combination of both of these components helps to develop a shield against all the cells. It protects human cells from viral infections by preventing viruses from entering the cell. The utility of this protein is very great and recognized. 

Treatment With Banana Protein Outperforms All Known Covid Variants And Flu

It is because scientists are now attempting to develop cancer treatment with the help of this mechanism. It has been able to upload the utility of this compound to protect the human body from not only mild infections but also chronic infections. The protein is extracted from the banana by subjecting it to a chemical process. This situation of the protein occurs from the fruit, and this protein is utilized for the development of effective treatment for supporting and promoting the immunization of the body. 

What brings an impact? 

The treatment has now been conducted only on animals, and the effect of this treatment on the human body is yet to be discovered. The structure developed by the protein components has been tested time and again against a single version of the virus and every version of Coronavirus that has affected the lives of millions of people. The efficacy of the vaccination developed so far has always been questioned based on its ability to protect the human body against different virus variants. 

The virus always undergoes mutation to develop a new version of itself that impacts the human body and affects immunity in a new way. In such a situation, it is important to develop a permanent treatment to fight all the mutated and different versions of coronavirus infection. It will also reduce the need to administer different types of vaccinations again and again to fight different versions and variants of the virus. 

This study will now be followed by proper experimentation on the human body. It will be able to witness the kind of protection that this Shield made up of banana proteins can provide to the human cells. Developing networks of these fibroids is important for protecting the body against infections and different types of illness. 

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It can be concluded that this is one of the most important aspects of the entire process that must be considered. All the researchers and scientists are working towards developing a permanent solution to every kind of infection. It is the best way with the help of which the given target can be achieved within the time.


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