Tressurge Reviews – An Innovative Hair Stimulant Formula?

Flynn Rey | Last Updated : February 22, 2021

I was only 25 when I started losing my hair and had it not been for Tressurge hair serum, I would’ve had to permanently go around wearing a wig. I had tried various medications and treatments trying to solve my hair loss nightmare. I would buy any new product I found that promised to grow my hair. It was all a big fat failure and hence it was only fair of me to be skeptical about Tressurge serum.

Tressurge Reviews – Natural Hair Growth Serum For Long, Thick, And Strong Hair!

Truth be told, the first few days I couldn’t see much of a difference and I was about to give up. Thanks to my determination I gave it a try for two weeks and I could see the chunk of hair that was falling had reduced. It was a journey of growing back stronger, longer, and healthier tresses for me.

This is not a promotional Tressurge review but my honest and real journey of growing back my hair. Keep reading as I explain to you why you should give Tressurge hair serum a try and how you will benefit from it. I will also brief you on its pricing and where you can buy it from. 

Tressurge Reviews
Product NameTressurge Hair Serum
Main benefitsHelps you fight back against hair loss and regrow thicker, longer, and healthier hair
IngredientsRosemarinus Officinalis, Procapil, Biotin and much more
CategoryHair Growth
Administration RouteApply the serum on the hair and massage it well into the scalp
DosageApply the serum daily
Result2-3 months
Side EffectsNo Major Side Effects
AvailabilityOnly through the official website
Official WebsiteClick Here

What Is The Hype About Tressurge Hair Serum?

All the while I was trying to solve my hair loss problem by fixing what’s on the outside. The actual problem with regards to your hair health is in your hormones.

If you have a variance in your androgen, you are bound to experience hair fall. This was news to me. Tressurge hair serum is a naturally formulated serum that fixes the root cause and aids better, healthier, longer, and stronger hair growth.

It reverses the hair loss problem while preventing hormonal imbalances and revitalizing hair follicles. The company claims to use clinically proven ingredients that ease the hair growth process. 

The ingredients are nutrient-packed and natural and are non-GMO certified. They are manufactured in an FDA-certified facility in a safe and sterile environment.

If you are someone like me looking for long-lasting results, Tressurge hair serum is what you should pick. It is a healthy alternative for all the over-the-counter creams, shampoos, oils, and serums you can find in the market. It helped me regrow back my natural curls and it is guaranteed to work on all hairstyles and textures.

Tressurge Hair Serum Ingredients

???? Rosemarinus Officinalis

The oil extracted from this plant is used in the hair serum to improve hair thickening and to increase cellular metabolism. This stimulation helps in growing and promoting hair growth and increasing the thickness of your hair. 

I was doubtful but decided to give it a try as it has a 100% refund policy. So if you are someone who feels the serum doesn’t work, you can always get back your money.

???? Procapil

This ingredient is said to improve the blood circulation in your scalp. This is an important step for regrowing healthy and long hair. When the scalp is stimulated it nourishes to reach the dermal papilla cells.

???? Biotin

An ingredient used in most oral supplements, Biotin is loaded with Vitamin B and helps to reduce hair thinning. It promotes hair growth and strengthens hair follicles. It is also proven to have properties that improve one’s metabolism and boost their immunity levels.

???? Glycerin

This primary ingredient helps to increase the length of hair consistently every month. This aids to promote healthy hair and keeps it moisturized and hydrated. This ensures your scalp isn’t dried off easily. It actively functions to prevent hair fall.

???? Equisetum Arvense

This medicinal plant is also known as horsetail and is used in various supplements to enhance health. It is high in silica content making it strong and supporting hair health, bone health, and also great for your nails. It helps in strengthening hair strands. 

Tressurge Hair Serum Ingredients

Tressurge Serum Benefits And How It Works?

I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed all the benefits of using the Tressurge hair serum. From clearing my dry scalp and having long healthy hair, the hair serum helped me gain back my confidence and not having to hide in a hat all day.

Tressurge hair serum not only nourished and conditioned my hair but also primarily roots to balance one’s hormones. Here are some of the benefits that I experienced using Tressurge hair serum.

  • It helps to speed the growth of your hair. You will see that your hair is naturally growing longer within weeks of using the serum.
  • It primarily roots to improve the hormonal balance in your system. Often hair loss is related to the interference of a hormone called androgen. The serum has ingredients that activate the balancing of these hormones and improve the hair follicles.
  • It aids in rejuvenating aging hair. As you grow old you tend to see the greys appearing. With the serum, you will be able to repair the grey back to being healthy young hair.
  • Tressurge serum has active ingredients that work to thicken and strengthen your hair. Hair loss is often connected with hair thinning. What your body is not able to receive is enough nutrients that will lock down your hair and prevent thinning. The serum aids this process to function easily.
  • It could be the sun or the chemicals you have used on your hair. The problem is you’ve damaged your hair. You could try several products and treatments but if your hair does not receive the care from the root, it becomes useless. Tressurge guarantees to repair damaged hair by clearing off the problem from the root.
  • With the improved blood circulation in your scalp and activation of hair follicles, you will be able to stimulate new hair growth.
  • It reverses hair thinning and treats hair loss and ensures you receive optimal hair health.
  • It comes with a  180-day money-back guarantee that ensures you get a 100% refund if you are not happy with the hair serum.

There are mainly three steps on how the hair serum works. It begins with the repairing of the hormonal imbalance and then shifts to the root of your hair and scalp.

  • Stage 1

Anagen(Growing) – In this stage, your hair follicles are actively growing and your hair roots are divided evenly and rapidly helping improve the growth of the hair shaft.

  • Stage 2

Catagen (Regression) – In the second stage, your hair will go through a phase of regression wherein your hair that grows actively will convert into a club hair. Your old hair falls out giving space for new hair to grow.

  • Stage 3

Telogen (Resting) – your hair follicles are completely set with the club hair in the final stage. You get to enjoy fully keratinized hair at this stage which is nourished and conditioned.

Tressurge Reviews-3 stages

Tressurge Serum Side Effects And How To Use It?

There are no side effects as the serum is formulated with 100% natural ingredients that are packed with nutrients that are efficient for your hair health. 

Clean your hair before you apply the serum. I’d recommend you take a head shower for the best results. It can be tiring to take a head bath every day.

Dry your hair but leave it a little damp. You can dry about 80% and not completely blow dry or towel dry. Apply the serum onto your hair and massage it onto the scalp well.

It is important you massage well so that your blood circulation flows better. You can apply daily once for the best and effective long-lasting results. 

How Long Tressurge Takes Time For Results?

You will have to give a little time for it to work. I had to wait two weeks before I started seeing the supplement working. The studies and various Tressurge reviews state that it will take about 2-3 months for you to experience complete hair growth and improved hair health. 

This can be subjective depending on your hormones, overall health, diet, age, and the intensity of hair damage. 

You must be consistent in using the Tressurge hair serum if you want to enjoy effective results. 

How Long Do The Results Last For?

It’s been about a year since I used the serum. It has become a part of my daily hair care routine and I thoroughly enjoy it. According to Tressurge reviews, it is proved that the results last for more than a year if you are consistent in using it. It is also important you keep your hair clean and healthy and practicing a good diet packed with Vitamins and minerals can help you improve the effect of Tressurge hair serum.

Tressurge Customer Reviews

Is Tressurge Serum Magical?

It is purely a negative marketing technique used to attract customers. The idea of a supplement or a serum working overnight is impossible and I have checked with various customer reviews and research papers before I confirmed this. 

Tressurge is organic and has nothing magical about it. The hair serum does take a generous period before it shows you complete results. It is indeed effective if you are consistent in using it.

Price and Where To Get Tressurge Serum?

If you are worried about the pricing and if it would rip your pockets, I can guarantee that’s not the case. The price is reasonable and the website does provide various offers from time to time. 

I’d suggest if you are looking for a long-term result, it is best for you for a bulk package. This is on the cheaper side compared to buying just one supplement. This also means you would not get out of stock easily and hence keep up with your consistency.

The three different packages are as follows.

  • Buy 1 Bottle – $69
  • Buy 2 and Get 1 Free – $177
  • Buy 4 and Get 2 Free – $294

All the packages come free of shipping charges. The company also guarantees a 100% money-back guarantee for 180 days from the day of purchase. This means that if you are not satisfied with the product you can always request a refund.

Tressurge hair serum is available only on their official website. If you wish to enjoy their offers and money-back guarantee it is necessary you purchase from this website.

Final Verdict On Tressurge Hair Serum

I genuinely hope you have a clear idea about how great this hair serum is for someone troubled with damaged hair. It not only helps you have better hair health but also balances your hormones.

If you are looking for a natural and healthy alternative to take care of your hair, Tressurge hair serum is a suggestion I will always put forward. The scientific tests and studies have proven how credible and genuine the hair serum is in its formula. There are no side effects as such. 

The serum also comes with a 100% refund and so at any point within 180 days of purchase if you feel it isn’t working for you, the money will be returned with no questions asked.

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