Truckers Leave Demonstration – The Protestors Protest On Foot

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : February 15, 2022

In recent times, the world has been witnessing the massive number of protests that were taking place on the US and Canada borders. It was the vaccine mandate at play that caused huge repercussions on the movement of necessary goods across the borders. A lot of turmoil had forced the truckers to protest.

Truckers Leave Demonstration – The Protestors Protest On Foot

Such occurrences have been condemned at both ends. The US authorities had recently passed a mandate that all truckers who are crossing borders to deliver goods should get all the doses of the vaccination. If any of the vaccines are not given, it can lead to the cancellation of licenses and permits.

Truckers Leave Demonstration – The Protestors Protest On Foot

This did not go down well, with a section of the said people. So, the truckers and other associates involved on both sides of the border who are not accepting the mandate, have been on strike for over a week. Ambassador Bridge on the border between the US and Canada is where all the action is. On Saturday, most of the truckers cleared out the mess. However, protestors on foot still block the route.

According to the recent news, the truckers were having a bad time crossing the borders due to the vaccine mandates. They had to incur losses in fuel as they were taking another route, which also consumed a lot of time.

The Ambassador Bridge connects Detroit and Windsor. So, it is quite evident that the main route is a mode of trade and commerce. The police were deployed on Saturday. Additionally, the authorities were also of the opinion that an emergency situation may be on the cards.

The protest is on for almost 6 days. However, on Saturday, as the police personnel took their position, it did not seem to deter the individuals. They kept on protesting. After the trucks moved away from the route, many new protestors joined on foot.

The number of protestors seems to have increased to hundreds. A large police force is trying to control the surge, but the protests are on. This has paralyzed the US and Canada trade routes. So, there are losses on either side of the border. The automobile industry has been the worst sufferer in such a situation. Thus, they have had to decrease the production rates.

Since last Monday, drivers of the trucks have clogged the bridge, stopping the others from commuting. More and more protestors have been joining in, causing blockades in Ottawa. Many other countries have also started revolting against the pandemic restrictions that seem to block life to a standstill.

There have been massive protests in New Zealand, in front of their parliament. These are a result of the mandates that the government has passed regarding vaccinations. Masking mandates are on the way to being dropped in several of the states in the US. However, the Biden administration has said that vaccination will be mandatory for most public-facing workers.

In the recent past, many of the military force members have also been released from their duties, over such vaccine mandates. As many as 3,000 or more army members and other cadet force members have been discharged from duty.

Apart from the military forces, many frontline health workers are also being forced by their hospitals to get vaccinated or retire. There has been a huge shortage of staff in the healthcare sector, owing to such mandates. Thus, the US had to increase the number of immigration visas as well and had to bring in nurses from places such as Jamaica.

Such protests make it difficult for the administration to go about their normal work. So, the stance is expected from the government.

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