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Trump Allies’ Challenge To Pennsylvania Election Dismissed By Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has dismissed the challenge to Pennsylvania elections by Trump allies as they felt that it came too late. The allegations from the allies of Trump were with regards to the expansion of mail-in voting in the state. In 2019, the ruling by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court allowed for the expansion of mail-in voting. However, objections to this were filed by the Trump allies after the election results.

Trump Allies’ Challenge To Pennsylvania Election Dismissed By Supreme Court

Considering the timing of the allegations, the Supreme Court observed that the challengers had enough time to file the lawsuit and they waited all the while till the election results to file the lawsuit. The latest ruling by the Supreme Court is just one among the several judgements that have gone against the Trump campaign in recent months. With this, Trump has been defeated both politically and legally in several states.

Trump Allies' Challenge To Pennsylvania Election Dismissed By Supreme Court

The challengers led by Rep. Mike Kelly claimed that the state legislature’s expansion of absentee voting violated the constitution of Pennsylvania. The court observed that the challengers could have gone to court soon after the ruling was passed in 2019. However, they waited till Trump lost to Biden last month to file the lawsuit.

The legal team of Trump has many pending lawsuits in key states, including Pennsylvania. The federal court in Pennsylvania rejected the arguments of the Trump campaign that elections were held in a fraudulent manner, and ballots were processed improperly. However, all their arguments were rejected by the courts as they were not supported with any sort of evidence.

As the electoral college is all set to meet on Monday, the Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton sent a new long-shot lawsuit to the high court to block the certification of election results in the states of Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. According to the claims of the lawsuit, the states used the covid 19 pandemic as a pretext to change the voting rules in an unconstitutional manner.

The challengers who lost in the recent case had said that the state officials did not have any right to expand mail-in voting as per the Pennsylvania constitution. The group had called the ruling as unconstitutional as it offered no-excuse absentee voting for the public.

The no-excuse absentee voting was extended for federal offices during the elections. They claimed that the elections were illegal due to this extension as the mail-in voting was against the constitution. As the certification of the Pennsylvania election results were about to be finalized, the group wanted to block any pending process in this regard.

Political experts had claimed that such efforts were not justified as it would have erased millions of votes that were cast by citizens without any evidence of fraudulent activities during the elections. Apart from that, the Supreme Court is not inclined towards overturning the actions taken by the state courts, especially when it came to issues of the state.

Attorneys for the state argued that the challengers waited a year to file a lawsuit against Act 77 and engaged in procedural gamesmanship during this time. They have now approached the court in the last minute asking to disenfranchise an entire state. The attorneys argued that it was against constitutional democracy and they would not encourage such attempts.

The Trump campaign meanwhile took a different route and filed a lawsuit in Pennsylvania federal courts to block the certification of state election results. However, the federal courts dismissed the appeals as the Trump campaign did not provide any evidence for their claims of fraudulent activities during the elections.

During the recently held presidential elections in Pennsylvania, Biden won against Trump by a comfortable margin of 80555 votes in the state. The Trump campaign has since then challenged the election results and said that massive fraudulent activities were done during the elections that allowed the Democrats to win by a huge margin. However, when their allegations were challenged in the courts, the legal team of Trump was not able to provide any substantial evidence.

The electoral college that is set to meet on Monday will finalize the voting for the US president, and this should put a full stop to all the controversies. Even Trump has finally acknowledged that he would make way for Biden if the electoral college votes for Biden.

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