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Trump Allies Reach The Supreme Court To Challenge Pennsylvania Election Results

As the Electoral College is all set to meet next week to finalize the President, allies of Trump are making a last-ditch effort to overturn the election results in Pennsylvania. They had filed a lawsuit in this regard, and it has now reached the Supreme Court.

Trump Allies Reach The Supreme Court To Challenge Pennsylvania Election Results

According to conservative Rep Mike Kelly and other petitioners, the state officials violated the Pennsylvania constitution in expanding the mail-in voting. They termed it unconstitutional and challenged the election results.

Trump Allies Reach The Supreme Court To Challenge Pennsylvania Election Results

In the court papers, the challengers argued that Pennsylvania’s General Assembly had exceeded its powers by allowing the no-excuse absentee voting for federal office during the elections. This was unconstitutional, according to the lawsuit and the group even called the elections illegal.

The Pennsylvania State certified the election results last week. To block the final steps in this process, allies of Trump have filed this lawsuit and hope to overturn the election results in the state.

According to experts, this lawsuit will not be taken seriously by the court as the intent is clear with the lawsuit. The allies of Trump want to delay the election outcome as much as possible even though they have lost the battle by a considerable margin. The challengers had enough time to file the lawsuit, but they waited for a year and filed the lawsuit at the last minute to overturn the election results.

The court will be in no mood to disenfranchise millions of law-abiding voters due to such lawsuits. In this regard, the courts will dismiss the lawsuit, and even the Republican supporters are aware of this outcome. They have not openly supported the lawsuits, and these are filed by allies of Trump.

The Trump campaign had filed a separate lawsuit in Pennsylvania federal courts to block the certification of the election results in the state. However, the campaign could not provide substantial evidence regarding their allegations of widespread fraud during the elections. Considering these facts, the federal courts dismissed the lawsuits, and the state went on to certify the election results last week.

The Appeals court denied the efforts of the Trump campaign to overturn Biden’s victory in Pennsylvania and said that the elections do not become unfair just because the Trump campaign calls them so. After that, the Trump campaign made efforts to push the case to the highest court.

In 2019, the election code went through a major overhaul in Pennsylvania, and it was approved by the General Assembly that was called Act 77. This brought authorization into large scale mail-in voting that was historical in this state. This was the first presidential election that had provisions for wide-scale mail-in voting in Pennsylvania. According to the act, there is no need to justify anything to be eligible for mail-in voting. The Pennsylvania constitution earlier had restrictions with regards to absentee voting.

Three days after the petition was filed, Democratic Gov. Thomas Wolf certified the election results, and it showed that Biden had won the state over Trump with a margin of 80555 votes. The challengers argued that the expansion of absentee voting could not be allowed without a constitutional amendment, and the elections were not legal.

The court has observed that the challengers waited too long to file the lawsuit against the changes made to the election system. If the courts decide to act on the lawsuit and discredit the election results, millions of Pennsylvania voters will feel cheated by the system. The intent of the challengers has become clear as they are not fighting for the case for a long time.

Experts say that the challengers are playing a dangerous game at the expense of voters in Pennsylvania. The Trump campaign has clearly lost the battle, and they are not getting into such cheap tactics with the help of their allies. Similar cases that were filed alleging widespread electoral fraud were dismissed in many states. The supporters of Trump have filed lots of lawsuits without providing any concrete evidence about the allegations.

The Electoral College that is all set to meet next week will finalize the President, and Trump will have no other option but to make way for Biden once the Democrats move past the 270 votes. Even Trump has indicated that he will transfer power after the Electoral College meets.

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