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Trump Allies Want Michigan Governor To Overturn Election Results

The Trump allies have filed yet another lawsuit in Michigan State, and they now want the federal court to force the state to disregard the election results. They want the state leaders to award its 16 electoral votes to the Republican Party.

Trump Allies Want Michigan Governor To Overturn Election Results

They want the Michigan Supreme Court to disregard the results that show president-elect Joe Biden has won the state. The latest lawsuit filed by the Trump allies is based on some unfounded allegations of widespread electoral fraud and misconduct during the US 2020 elections. However, such allegations were previously rejected by the judges, and there are significantly fewer chances of success for these new lawsuits.

Trump Allies Want Michigan Governor To Overturn Election Results

The margin between Biden and Trump is more than 154000 in Michigan State, and there is no evidence of any sort to prove mass fraud during the elections in Michigan. Given this situation, the Trump campaign may face more humiliation from the judges when the case comes for hearing.

The Michigan board had formerly certified the results last week. But the Trump allies have filed a federal lawsuit that wants to force the Michigan governor to decertify the results. As the electoral college is set to meet on the 14th of December, the Trump allies wanted the judge to force Michigan governor to decertify the results before that date. Biden is all set to formally secure the presidency after receiving more than 270 votes at the electoral college meet.

Even though the city of Detroit is not named in the lawsuit, they plan to intervene as the Trump allies have alleged electoral fraud in this region. The attorney representing Detroit said that the lawsuit has put baseless conspiracy theories that have been rejected every time by the court.

On the other hand, those filing lawsuits requested for the judge to take immediate action and protect the documents under seal so that they would not be widely accessible. The lawsuit is based on several discredited theories that alleged widespread voter fraud during the US 2020 elections. They argued that a massive international conspiracy was hatched against Trump and it was carried out in Michigan and several other swing States.

Even though the lawsuit has provided hundreds of pages of exhibits along with the filing, the judges have not been able to find any report to be credible and consider them as proper evidence to support the allegations.

Several Republicans have criticized the legal team of Donald Trump for such cheap acts. In most cases, the Trump campaign and its supporters have either lost the lawsuits or have withdrawn them in the past.

The conservative law firm had asked the Michigan Supreme Court to invalidate the state election results last week. They focused mainly on the increase in absentee ballots during the recent elections. In the previous rulings, the Michigan Court had said that the state has acted legally with regards to absentee ballot applications during the elections.

The Trump campaign has not officially expressed its support for the lawsuit. However, it is evident that they are behind the lawsuit and they want to try some last moment efforts to stop Biden from getting elected officially as the President. These attempts by the legal team of Donald Trump have been severely criticized by several Republican supporters.

According to a recent poll, Donald Trump has lost several points in the favorability rating among the republicans. As the President is not willing to concede defeat to Biden even after losing by a comfortable margin, it has caused severe embarrassment to the Republican supporters across the country.

The Electoral College is all set to meet on the 14th of December, and this will officially end the controversies with regards to the US 2020 elections. Even Donald Trump had recently said that he is willing to concede defeat to Biden if the Electoral College votes in Biden’s favour.

The Trump campaign has never won a proper lawsuit in recent weeks as most of them were based on allegations that did not come with evidence. The legal team of Trump were not able to support their allegations with concrete proof. The judges have criticized such lawsuits in most of the cases as the only intention of the lawsuits was to malign the electoral process.

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