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Trump And Biden Visit 9/11 Memorial To Pay Respects

On the 19th anniversary of 9/11, the attack on the world trade center, Donald Trump and Joe Biden paid tribute to the people killed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. They paid respects at the memorial separately. The two presidential candidates honored the crew members and passengers who died aboard United Airlines Flight 93 while battling the hijackers.

Trump and Biden visit 9/11 memorial to pay respects

Trump, along with Melania Trump, attended the memorial service at Flight 93 memorial in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Speaking on occasion, Trump said that the heroes were a reminder that no matter the threats, odds, and danger, America will always rise and fight back. Biden also visited the spot a few hours later and paid respects by placing a wreath of white flowers at the memorial that has the names of victims. However, he did not give any public remarks on occasion.

Trump, along with Melania Trump, joined Ed Root, the cousin of flight attendant Lorraine G Bay in a wreath-laying ceremony. Biden, on the other hand, vowed not to make any news today and also said that his campaign had down all its advertising. He added that it was a solemn day, and that is how they wanted to keep it. He spoke privately to family members of the victims. Trump and Biden did not meet during their visit to Shanksville, but Biden met Vice President Mike Pence at New York earlier in the day and touched elbows to greet each other. They were visiting the 9/11 memorial and museum’s 19th-anniversary commemoration ceremony at the WTC attacks site.

Biden was seen comforting an older woman who was holding a picture of her son who died in the attacks. The names of 2977 killed on the day were read aloud in New York. Biden told the elderly lady that even he had lost his son due to brain cancer in 2015 and said that it never goes away. On that fateful day, Al Qaeda linked terrorists hijacked United Airlines Flight 93 along with three other lights from United Airlines and American Airlines. They had initially planned to attack Washington city, but the two flights hit the twin towers of the World Trade Center, and the other one hit the Pentagon in Northern Virginia. The incident had a huge dent on the economy and security of the country, and it took many years for people to come to terms with the incident. However, it brought some permanent changes into the security system and, in a way, helped the security forces to upgrade their systems to handle such attacks in the future.

Trump said that he extended the love and support of all the Americans to the family members of the victims of 9/11. He said that the courage and resolve of the victims saved a deadly strike at the heart of American Democracy. He also expressed the nation’s loyalty to nearly 6 million Americans who joined the Armed Forces after the 9/11 attacks. Trump spoke about the killings of Abu Bakr al Baghdadi and Iranian major general Qasem Soleimani last year. However, he made no mention of Osama Bin Laden, who masterminded the attacks of 9/11. It is interesting to note that Laden was killed during the Obama administration.

Osama Bin Laden was found hiding in Pakistan when he was attacked and killed by the elite team of US Navy Seals. However, the US failed to initiate any action against Pakistan and still continues to hold close ties with the country. The body of Osama Bin Laden was not displayed publicly, and he was buried in the sea as it is the norm with such cases. However, the forces had recorded the entire event and even got confirmation about the identity of Osama Bin laden from his family members. Trump made no mention of the events or about the killing of Laden during his speech. He also did not talk about the current stance of the US government on terrorist activities. He faced criticism recently from the military for dropping Sudan from the terror list. This was also supported by many family members of 9/11, who said that the actions of Trump did not honor the war heroes who fought hard against terrorism all these years.

At the conference room cabin of Air Force One, the Trumps held a moment of silence to commemorate the first plane that hit the WTC. After the moment of silence concluded, White House chief of staff Mark Meadows said God bless America, which was also repeated by the president. The annual memorial event in Pennsylvania is co-hosted by the National Park Service every year. This year, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, they planned a smaller private service. The 2200 acre memorial is in Western Pennsylvania. Talking about what the day means for him, Biden said that he remembered all his friends he lost and also admired the courage of families to come back to the memorial. He said that he has personal experience of losing his wife, daughter, and son in his life, and it brings back all the memories even after so many years.

Biden said in his speech that 19 years ago, America was tested by an act of cowardice and hate, and this revealed the true character of Americans. He also compared the tragedy to the ongoing pandemic that has killed nearly 190000 people across the country. He said that the current pandemic is testing the resolve and character of America just as the 9/11 and Pearl Harbor did in the previous generations. Biden also blamed Trump for the huge number of deaths in the country, as Trump had an understanding of the severity of the pandemic right from February. But it was downplayed to focus on economic growth that has cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Democratic nominee for vice president Kamala Harris said that we stand together in this difficult time and also paid tribute to the 9/11 victims during the memorial ceremony in Virginia.




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