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Trump Attacks Joe Biden With His Family Matters

During the presidential debate on Tuesday, President Donald Trump criticized Joe Biden after the former vice president referenced his late son’s military service when referring to a recent article reporting the shameful dead US soldiers by Trump.

Trump attacks Joe Biden with his family matters

In The Atlantic, Trump was denounced by the former vice-president for his report calling servicemen killed losers in combat. The debate was going on healthily and was about to get over with all the points covered. But this was not digestible with Trump, and he dragged the family of Biden in between. He questioned him about the sons, and he also drilled Biden for the drug addiction his son had. Biden was very clear and answered all the questions with calmness, but unnecessary poking made him feel angry, and he pounced on Trump like a lion. He had all the facts in his mind that we were not bringing into the light but was forced to do so.

It was in Iraq that my son was. He was a man of the brain; he was a nationalist, and the people left there are heroes, said Biden, referring to his late son, Beau Biden, who died from brain cancer in 2015.¬†Shut up, dude?’: wellness test conversations, the Supreme Court between key moments of dialogue.¬†Still, Trump switched to Hunter Biden, the other son of the Democratic candidate.¬†Hey, really? Do you speak of Hunter? Asked Trump.¬†Trump said I don’t know Beau after Biden said he asked of Beau Biden, who worked as General Prosecutor for Delaware.¬†The Hunter was dismissed dishonorably, Trump said without any evidence. With drugs, the president said. Hunter had tossed him from the military … he was dishonorably published.

He wrongly said that he was dishonorably freed from the actions of the Navy against Hunter Biden. One month after his commissioning in the Navy Reserve, Hunter Biden failed a drug test for cocaine and was discharged administratively in 2014.¬†During the discussion, his father, the younger Biden sibling, was treated and overcome addiction.¬†My son had a drug addiction like many people you know at home, he said. He has worked towards it, and I’m proud of it. I’m proud of my kid. He’s overtaken.¬†If Trump wanted to learn about families and ethics, Biden said they should chat “all night” about Trump’s family.¬†In reality, Trump disrupted Biden by celebrating the courageous work of his late son Beau in Iraq to yell that Hunter was cocaine-making, “Jesse Lehrich twisted, a co-founder of Accountable Tech and former foreign relations spokesman for former Secretary Hillary Clinton.

The assault on Hunter Biden was named “beyond blue and another lyre,” said Fred Wellman, the senior advisor for the Lincoln initiative’s veteran affairs.¬†That was not the only time during the discussion that the family emerged.¬†He’s an idiot: Biden and Trump condemn one another for wearing masks.¬†Trump reported that Moscow’s mayor awarded hunter Biden $3.5 million. PolitiFact was investigated and proved unproven.¬†A GOP-led Senate probe that found no proof of misdemeanor was placed on Hunter Biden, on a Ukrainian gas firm’s board. At the same time, his father headed a foreign anti-corruption drive in Kyiv under the Obama administration.

Biden is a very strict man, and he has proven this in the debate with Trump. What went wrong with Trump was not understood as there was no reason for bringing Biden’s family in between. If you are going to poke anyone with the family matters, then obviously, the person will give you back with the better answer. Trump tried to provoke Biden by asking him questions about his son when, on the other hand, the world knows what kind of a bond he shares with his family.¬†Trump is trying hard to win the elections and get re-elected, but he is not aware that he is getting into dirty politics that will give him a real bad name and reputation. Biden was calm and composed and focused on the debate healthily, but when the family was dragged without any reason, he just could not control his anger and had to call Trump with all sorts of names he can and even told him to shut up.

Both the candidates are trying hard to win and come out with flying colors. The people are excited and want to make their candidate win. Trump is also putting allegations on the electoral board as the things that they are conspiring against him.¬†The debate between the two strongest men has made the citizens’ minds clear about who will prove to be a better president and work towards their betterment. There were a lot of other issues discussed too. Healthcare and education, and employment were some of the major points that were asked by Biden. Also, Biden has said that a special focus will be paid to the country’s healthcare in his government. Trump has avoided this, and this made the entire country suffer. Trump still not knows what blunder he has done, but yes, he will realize it soon.COVID19 cannot be taken lightly, but we have to come back to normal life, and for this, all necessary steps will be taken. Biden was able to connect to every person who was watching them.

Now all the eyes are set as the voting procedures have already begun. The stage is set, and the preparations are going on to welcome the new president. Both the families are also ready, and the candidates are all set with their speech to address the nation ready and revised. In a few days, the new president will be elected and will prove to be a new revolution as the economy and the life needs a leader who can gather them up and lead them towards a bright future. Amidst the COVID19  pandemic the elections will prove to be the ray of hope for the people of America as Biden has made a lot of promises that if fulfilled will prove to be a great chance for America to gain back its lost charm.


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