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Trump Deserves a Good Spank From The Electorate

John Brennan, the former director of CIA, isn’t concerned about Trump’s plan to sue him.

Even if President Donald Trump loses the election – particularly as Brennan hopes it’s a resounding loss – he’s not all concerned about a peaceful power transition.  Everyone knows that the President with a big mouth is not going to get re-elected, and thus they are all set to face crazy things coming up. You never know what Trump might do next. 

What’s the former CIA chief on the brink? Between Election Day and the potential opening of his Democratic challenger Joe Biden, Trump’s social and political mayhem could unleash. Civil unrest could result from Trump. He might attempt to declare martial law. Brennan said he should forgive himself and his supporters’ gallery for a rogue.

Despite the President’s authority, he is so worried about some of the choices he does not even want to shout to them. In a wide-ranging interview to support his book, “Undaunted: My Battle Against the Enemies of America, In-Home & Abroad,” he told USA TODAY when I thought of my tenure in the White House (or of what the President might, very honestly, I don’t want to give Donald Trump more ideas than he already could have.

Brennan, of course – who for years has fought bitterly and regularly with the President and made his book his primary aim – is still excited about Trump’s November 3 win. Brennan said, adding alienating allies and cozy dictators to the list, “I’m only going to proceed down this path of incompetence, ineptitude or abuse, misconduct, illusion. “So, this is just the beginning.”

Trump has mistakenly accused the President of hacking on his election campaign of 2016 and indicated that Brennan and other intelligence officials from the Obama period should go ahead criminally.

“I used my campaign of intelligence agencies, and they were captured,” Trump said at the White House on August 11. “They used the intelligence agencies of our country. “It was an unlawful crime like no other illegal activities. Brennan said that in terms of litigation, he had “nothing to lose.” He noted that Attorney General William Barr could not be confident that he will not attempt to charge him, but he called it Trump’s “desperate” move to distract Americans.

“What I did when I was Director of the CIA was adequate and compliant with my authorities, I am completely sure,” he said. Brennan wrote in “Undaunted” that he was able to speak out against Trump. “Too long, though, Mr. Trump continues to trample upon our freedom, lie to the Americans, denigrate the presidential position, jeopardize our national security and sully maintain our worldwide credibility; I shall not relent in my critique,” he says.

In a news conference after their one-on-one encounter, Trump challenged the U.S. intelligence community’s assertion that Russia had intervened with the 2016 elections and seemed to acknowledge Putin’s refusals. Trump and Brennan have stirred up hostility since the June 2018 encounter of Russian President Wladimir Putin in Helsinki, and Trump inquired about Russia’s rejection.

Brennan said on November 3 that he wished that Trump would “be soundly imprisoned by the American voters.” He predicted that Trump would contest the outcome of the law so that he would fail, but he would expect that if enough Republican supporters fail to defend him in Congress. He predicted The most important question, he said, is if Trump inspires his followers, even angrily, to oppose the result.

Words are significant, particularly when they come from someone occupying the Oval Bureau, “said Brennan. Brennan said, up to November 3, he was less upset with cyber-attacks on the voting system in America than with the potential to distort Americans’ perceptions about the two candidates and their concerns from foreign actors – including Russia, and even China, Iran, and another U.S. enemies.

Brennan pointed to Russia’s sophisticated attempt in 2016 to improve Trump’s presidency and said that his initiative had changed some of the minds of the electorate. “I think Vladimir Putin is genuinely committed to seeing Trump re-elected, he said now.” If Biden succeeds, the new government will send a positive message from Moscow by restarting America’s foreign partnerships and offering a united front against Russia and China and another global rivalry.

“There is an immediate domestics threat to the COVID-19, to the environment and to social justice problems, where a Biden administration would find its hands full. However, the former Vice-President will also ‘show our friends and allies worldwide that the USA is back.’ Brennan said Climate Change, which he called “one of the most insidious and grave threats” for the next President, is the global most urgent threat. It would cause another cascade of crises from higher migration to lower productivity in agriculture.

He said that his book would not be a political tool against Trump. The former CIA director said. He planned to write the book earlier this year, but he needed a lengthy pre-publication examination – a delay in releasing his CIA files. He says he wants to write the book to document the history and encourage university students to pursue public service.

Brennan said, “I’m still undaunted.” Trump has been the most controversial President that the USA has had. His ways will always be remembered. Though he is not a bad guy, he still had a businessman’s mind and could not run the country in the way he was expected to. When you know that your President is not going to take action on the things he must do, then the entire nation comes into a situation of chaos.

His failures made the entire country suffer. The major obstacle that marked the most significant black mark in his growth was that he mishandles COVID 19. When the whole world had its eyes on the U.S.’s healthcare, Trump made it fail because of his negligence. Had he been a bit conscious, then there would not be a single chance of Biden taking over the majority. His casual mindset made his look like an adamant and stubborn yet foolish President.

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