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Trump Faces First Override Of His Tenure As President

During the last days of his tenure as the President, Trump faced some embarrassment from the house of representatives. The house decided to override Trump’s veto of the National Defence authorization act.

In a remarkable bipartisan condemnation of the PresidentPresident, the house voted 322-87 and clearly got the support of more than two-thirds of the chamber. This will now move to the Senate, and the process could be completed in the next week.

Trump Faces First Override Of His Tenure As President

If the Senate decides to override Trump, it will become a law. Otherwise, the bill will need further negotiations in the future.

The NDAA offers a 741 billion national security package that will increase the salary for the Troops and help the military with the purchase of weapons and setting new policies. Both parties supported the bill with an overwhelming majority in both the house and Senate.

Trump Faces First Override Of His Tenure As President

According to the bill, a commission would be established to study and develop a plan with regards to the criteria for renaming bases such as Army’s forts Benning, Bragg, Hood, and others. Trump had previously indicated that he is against changing the names of bases as they are named for Confederate military leaders.

Yet another aspect that was criticized by Trump was the support social media companies enjoyed under Section 230 of the Communications decency act. The legislation did not include language that would remove such protections for social media companies. This measure was adopted in 1996, and it prevented individuals from suing companies like Facebook and Twitter for their posts. Trump always felt that social media companies are Biased against conservatives, and he had openly claimed that Section 230 was a huge threat to National Security. He was particularly angry with Twitter for removing some of his tweets during elections.

While rejecting the bill, Trump had said that the legislation was a gift to Russia and China. He said that the act fails to include provisions that fail to respect veterans and military leaders. He added that the act fails to include critical national security measures by way of supporting social media companies.

Republican leaders had indicated that they would vote against the override. However, the party did not issue a whip for the republicans for voting, and it was left to the individuals to turn up for the event. However, several other republicans said that they support the override of Trump’s Veto.

Mac Thornberry said that the Troops and the entire world was waiting to see if the house tuned out other differences and came together to support the men and women of the military. He added that the members should put the best interest of the country first, and no other consideration should matter when it comes to voting to support the Troops and defending America.

The vote put the Republicans in an uncomfortable position, and they had to choose between the PresidentPresident or denying funds for the military and soldiers. As there was no other option, several Republicans also voted in favor of overriding Trump’s Veto and providing support for the military.

On the other hand, the issue of social media companies getting protection with Section 230 is still under negotiation, and congress is likely to have several debates about settling on that issue. In recent months, social media companies like Twitter and Facebook have come under the scanner for being Biased during the Presidential elections. However, it is not easy to remove the provisions of Section 230 as it would have repercussions in the technology sector in the future. For this reason, the house has to negotiate further and reach a conclusion about having protection for social media companies in the long run.

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