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Trump Gets Second Impeachment Days Before He Leaves the House

On Wednesday, Trump got a second impeachment as 10 Republicans joined Democrats to charge him with inciting an insurrection in the violent rampage at the Capitol building.

Though Trump’s Republican party controls the House, the majority voted against him as 197 out of 232, after the aggressive assault on the history of American Democracy.

Trump Gets Second Impeachment Days Before He Leaves the House

Reports said that the Republican majority leader, Mitch McConnel had declined the calls of the Democrats for a quick impeachment trial. He said that before Trump leaves his office there is no way to conclude it.

Trump Gets Second Impeachment Days Before He Leaves the House

However, the Senate conviction of Trump could have resulted in a vote on restricting him from the office again, Though he plans to leave the White House.

A single article of impeachment is passed by the House as a formal charge against Trump. The article accused him of inciting a violent insurrection against the government.

The impeachment in the article said that he repeatedly issued false claims on the presidential election as the results of the same are not to be accepted and fraudulent.

A reference to a part of his speech is also included in the article in which he asked his supporters to fight like hell otherwise they will lose their own country.

He also exhorted his supporters to march towards the Capitol. He told them to stop the theft, show strength, fight harder, and use very different rules.  

The article concluded that Trump is a threat to security, democracy as well as the constitution. 

It has been only a year since Trump had to receive the first impeachment on him. The reason was his improper way to seek help from Ukraine to increase the chances of re-election.

Then, he was accused of associating with a foreign country in a damaging effort to collect information against his rival Joe Biden. A majority of Senators cleared him at his Trial though the impeachment was strong.

Trump could escape then, as the majority of the Senators were Republicans and all of them unanimously voted in favor of him.

The latest impeachment could also be the same but became different as he lacks support within his own party.

Before Trump, the only two presidents who received impeachment were Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson, but both didn’t go through any convictions as that of Trump.

Trump didn’t mention anything about the impeachment action in his video statement, which came after the vote in the House.

He also didn’t take any responsibility for what he did during the violent riot at the Capitol building. Instead, he said that the violence went accordingly with what they stood for. He added that no true supporter of him could ever endorse violence and disrespect law and order.

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