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Election Updates – Trump, Harris Visit Arizona, Obama Unhappy With Covid Response

Campaigns are in full swing across different states as election day is fast approaching. President Donald Trump will be holding two rallies in Goodyear and Bullhead city. Kamala Harris will be holding a meeting with Latina business owners in Tucson and Phoenix. She is also encouraging residents to vote in those areas.

Even though Joe Biden is leading by about 2.7 percentage points in Arizona, Trump is also making fast gains, and Arizona still looks very much in the game for both parties.

Trump, Harris Visit Arizona, Obama Unhappy With Covid Response

Former President Barack Obama on Tuesday slammed Trump for the way the government handled Covid 19 pandemic. He was giving a speech in Orlando and said that Trump would not be complaining about the coverage given to Covid 19 pandemic if the government had handled the situation properly. He added that cases would not have reached such high levels if the response was better in the early stages of the pandemic.

Trump, Harris Visit Arizona, Obama Unhappy With Covid Response

Meanwhile, common citizens are under a lot of stress due to the presidential elections. Even the American Psychological Association‘s survey about Stress in America has shown a dramatic increase from the 2016 elections to the current elections. During the 2016 elections, about 52% of Americans said that they were stressed about the situation, but during the current elections, about 70% of them are feeling the stress.

There are also reports about possible violent clashes during the elections, and this has further added to the tensions. Many Americans are stocking supplies as they fear some violence in the aftermath of the elections. If there is no clear winner in the November election, the situation may not be very good, and even security agencies are worried about this situation. Many agencies are monitoring armed groups as they may cause some disturbance during the elections. Voters are also feeling the heat this time when they go out to the polling stations on November 3.

Democratic candidate for Senate in Iowa who is fighting against Republican Sen. Joni Ernst had to pause her campaign’s RV tour as some of her staff members came in contact with a Covid positive person. A win against Joni Ernst will help the Democrats to take back control over the Senate from the Republicans.

Campaign spokesperson Sam Newton said that even though they are taking appropriate precautions with regards to using masks and maintaining social distancing, they have decided to stop the RV tour based on the advice of medical professionals. Newton added that Greenfield plans to get tested and they value the safety of Iowans and their team during this situation.

This is not the first time such campaigns have been stopped and recently, even Trump had to stop his activities for a week after he tested positive for Covid 19. This has also impacted the big rallies, and social distancing norms prevented many such rallies across the country. In this regard, a huge part of the campaign was shifted to the digital medium, and both parties spent a lot of money on social media and television campaigns.

Texas is also warming up to the elections in a big way, and Michael Bloomberg is all set to spend about $1 million a day in the last week of the campaign. The statewide advertising campaign will be done across Texas in both English as well as Spanish in a bit to boost the chances of Joe Biden against Trump.

According to Bloomberg officials, the former Democratic presidential contender has already committed $100 million to help Biden in the swing state of Florida. Apart from that, the team is also aggressively conducting polls in other vulnerable areas for Trump that include Texas and Ohio.

Speaking at the battleground state of Michigan, Donald Trump appealed to women voters that he would help their husbands get back to work and this will help their families to recover from the economic turmoil caused due to the pandemic.

According to a recent poll, Republican Sen. Susan Collins is trailing Sara Gideon by a small margin. While Gideon is running at 47%, Collins is likely to get around 43%, and the rest is divided among independent candidates Max Linn and Lisa Savage. The poll also pointed out an interesting fact that there has been no change in the numbers in the last few months as voters have mostly decided about their candidates well in advance.

This is the interesting trend seen in several other places where there is not much change in the poll numbers in the last few months. This simply shows that most voters have already made a clear choice and they are not going to be impacted by the latest happenings with regards to the pandemic or violent protests. Only a small percentage of voters may get influenced by such gimmicks, and this may or may not impact the final outcome of the elections.

Top leaders of the internet companies, including Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey along with Sundar Pichai, are scheduled to appear before a Senate Committee to answer several questions about how these platforms are monitoring the content. Conservatives have accused Facebook and Twitter of interfering in the elections by throttling a newspaper article that alleged ties between Democratic presidential nominee with Ukraine.

Social media has always played an important role in influencing the decisions of people on various aspects. However, in the last few years, they have become powerful tools and have the potential to spread the news in an organized manner. Several tech companies are accused of being biased, and they are favoring certain candidates by promoting posts that are in their favor and avoiding posts that talk about their weak points.

The issue of censorship is a long-standing battle, and most tech companies are not in a position to control all these things. Even though they claim to have the best technical resources, most of them fail miserably when it comes to identifying fake news on social media and users have easy access to such content on a daily basis. This raises several suspicions about their intention of curbing such fake news that can impact several important things in society.

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