Trump Hints At Firing Fauci, Biden Courts Black Voters In Georgia, Pennsylvania

At a Florida rally, Trump hinted that he might fire Dr. Anthony Fauci after the election. He was addressing a rally in Florida and told the audience that Fauci got the wrong picture about the pandemic.

Soon after Trump began to talk about the pandemic, the crowd at Opa-Locka in Florida started chanting “Fire Fauci”. Responding to their chants, Trump remarked that he would wait till the elections are over and take a decision on that issue.

Things have never been alright between Trump and Fauci ever since the coronavirus pandemic began in March this year. Fauci’s recommendations were never taken seriously by the Trump administration, and they have always tried to downplay the incident. On his part, Fauci had never hesitated to display his frank opinion about the pandemic even when it was not in alignment with the opinion of Trump.

Fauci, who works as Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious diseases, told in a recent interview that the situation regarding the pandemic was not positive in the near future. He said that the country would see a lot of pain in this regard unless proper measures are taken at the right time. He said that all the stars were aligned in the wrong position, and as the country heads to fall and winter season, things can get worse as people congregate indoors.

Trump visited Georgia as he had promised about a visit to this place to his supporters. He told the crowd that even though his victory is guaranteed in Georgia, his supporters should still go and vote on Election Day. Republicans have always had a good hold in this region, and this was evident in the previous presidential elections. However, recent polls indicate a close race between Biden and Trump in this place.

Much to everyone’s surprise, some polls even gave a lead to Biden over Trump in Georgia. Before ending his campaign, Trump also visited Michigan, Iowa, and North Carolina. The last rally of the day was in South Florida.

As per the latest updates, close to 3.3 million people have cast their votes so far in New York before Election Day. The ninth and final day of early voting also saw good participation among voters. At many polling stations, the wait time was just about half an hour, and many voters shared selfies of early voting stickers on their social media accounts. A hundred-year-old voter was seen casting a ballot in New York, and this was shared by the New York City Board. The person was wearing a mask.

Apart from early voting, more than one million votes have come through absentee ballots, according to figures given by election officials. The total votes cast before Election Day now stands close to 3.3 million in New York. This is close to 42% of the total votes cast during the 2016 elections in this region.

Joe Biden also made the most of the final days of the presidential campaign by reaching out to Black supporters in Pennsylvania and Georgia. He spoke in length about how the pandemic has disproportionately affected the Black community and how things can be reshaped after the elections.

Biden also campaigned in Philadelphia and participated in the “Souls to the Polls” event to address Black churchgoers. This event was organized across the nation to boost voting among black churchgoers. Biden also attended a drive-in event and declared that the way in which Trump handled the pandemic was almost criminal, and it had disproportionately affected the black community across the nation.

Sen. Kamala Harris was also in Georgia and tried to get in touch with the black community members. Even though this is a Republican stronghold, analysts believe that a large voter turnout among the black community can change the tide towards the Democrats in this election.

In Michigan, the race seems to be getting closer as Trump has moved up by nearly 2 points to 41%, whereas Biden remains at 48% since the last few weeks. As the election day nears, the gap appears to be narrowing, and the final voter turnout can change things in any direction.

Trump also addressed a rally at Iowa and said that he was very happy with the figures coming from Iowa. He added that the Republicans had a good lead in this region, and he was confident about getting good support from the people of Iowa. Back in 2016, Trump got a good lead of 9.4 percentage points over Hillary Clinton.

Minnesota seems to be favoring Biden by a huge margin as Trump trails Biden by nearly 15 points. There is some good news regarding the counting of ballots in North Carolina. The State Board of Elections said that they would have processed nearly 97% of all ballots cast on November 3, and they can even declare the unofficial results by the end of Tuesday.

In North Carolina, the mail-in ballots are processed as soon as they are received by the state, and this has reduced their burden by a huge margin. On the other hand, many other states have to wait till November 3 to begin counting the mail-in ballots. However, election officials in Michigan and Pennsylvania have warned that it may take several days to count the votes and declare the winner in the race.

In Pennsylvania, even the Supreme Court had allowed three extra days after the election day to receive ballots by mail. However, the general advice given to voters is that they have to send an absentee ballot by election night. Several polls in Pennsylvania showed a decent lead for Biden, even though it will be a tough battle in Florida. Many analysts expect that Pennsylvania and Florida will be the swing states in this election.

Meanwhile, Trump has insisted that all votes be counted on election day itself even though states normally count such votes after election day. The Democrats are prepared to handle any sort of tricks by the Republicans after the election day to steal a victory before all the votes are counted.

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