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Trump Is Not Going To Make The Transition Of Power In a Peaceful Manner

Trump is a man who just cannot be taken lightly, and when people take him casually, he comes up with a statement that keeps him in the limelight. Yes!! The President loves to be in the limelight, and he enjoys it. He has been a businessman, and hence it is his nature to be the center of attraction. He enjoys it and wants to retain it. But this time, he has scared the hell out of the security officials, saying that he will not make the transition of powers peacefully. He will not leave his office easily, which might be the cause of concern for many out there.

Trump is not going to make the transition of power in a peaceful manner

President Donald Trump would not promise a peaceful power transfer after election day on Wednesday to provide additional fuel to fears where he would not be able to leave office should he fail in November. When asked if he will be committed to democratic change, one of the cornerstones of American democracy, Trump said we’re going to have to see what’s going to happen. Trump declined to say if he acknowledged the outcome of the contest, showing his 2016 feelings. And he laughed-he claims-with the two legally bound words far above the presidency. He is just not ready to take the defeat in a healthy way, and the States is all set to see what will happen next. Though the citizens might take it casually, their President is in the mood of joking and sharing some light moments. The opponents who are already set to give him the letters of deployment have sensed the alarm.

But his reluctance to promise a change without violence went further, and his critics are likely to be worried, still on the verge given his deployment of federal law enforcement to quench demonstrations in American cities. His inability to agree to a peaceful transition was rooted in what he said were ballot issues, extending his false statement that bribery is rife with widespread mail-in voting. You know that I have been very strongly complaining about the ballots and the ballots are a catastrophe, Trump said at a White House press conference, probably referring to mail-in ballots, which he baselessly believed would lead to electoral fraud. Trump has repeatedly been saying that the ballots are not in perfect condition, and they might be the cause that Biden wins. He is clear that he will not leave easily and might come up with several issues stating his loss to be a conspiracy against him. He also said that there will not be any kind of deployment, but there only be a continuation.

With this, he meant that he will continue to be the President of the US and will not transfer his position to anyone else. Trump’s remarks were slammed on Wednesday by Sen. Mitt Romney, a Utah Republican who had previously contradicted the President. The peaceful transfer of power is central to democracy: Belarus, Romney tweeted. It is both unimaginable and unethical to claim that a president would not honor this Constitutional guarantee. Trump said earlier that his opponent, Joe Biden, would only win in November if the election was rigged and indicated earlier that the election results were likely to be questioned to the Supreme Court. Although surveys of electoral battleground states are close, national polls currently show Trump trailing Biden. Still, we do not know anything that will come up and turn the tables. The people are not happy, and that is the truth. He has to accept it and move on. It is not a new thing, and this is the decision made by the citizens, and Trump must accept it happily and with grace.

An official stated that it is not that Trump will not leave the position he has to, and he will, but as always stated, his style is different. He is not the one who can take defeat easily, and hence there might be issues. Yes!! The officials are also prepared for some kind of mischief by their President. Democrats have been long hesitant to see Trump seeking to hang on to power using the President’s authorities. During the summer, House President Nancy Pelosi stated that he should be fumigated out from the office if Trump refuses to recognize the election results. Trump didn’t try to tamp down rumors that he won’t quit. In an interview for Fox News, he asked if he should accept the outcome of the election.

No. I would see and let others also see what I have planned, said Trump. Look, I’m not going to say ‘Yes.’ I won’t say ‘No.’ And I haven’t said either last time. The President’s statements are not going in nicely, and people are waiting for a reaction to come out from Biden. Trump is not a person who can be taken easily as he has done many things in his tenure that no one expected. Trump straightaway called COVID-19 as the Chinese virus, and the country was in fumes. He has been known for his nature, and you cannot change it. But suppose he is not going to hand over the duties to Biden. In that case, this will be a huge cause of concern as to how the new President will react or what consequences Trump is facing.

Trump also said he thought the US Food and Drug Administration could politically be motivated to postpone the approval of a vaccine against coronavirus during his sixteen-minute briefing, which ended with the argument that they had to take an emergency telephone call. New rules for permitting a vaccine Covid-19, which could be permitted before election day, are being considered by the FDA. Trump said about the new rules. It sounded to me very political. Why would we? Why would we be keeping it back? We will look at it, and we will look at it and, eventually, you must approve it. We will look at it, and I hope you have these when we come back with these fantastic results.




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