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Trump Is Not Going To Win Even Though He Has Stacked The Federal Bench

The President of the USA Trump has done everything, and now he is thinking of some other plans. He has stacked the federal bench, but still, he is not going to win as the people as only focussing towards a change now. They want the change, and they expect that Joe Biden will help them and bring the revolution they wanted. People of the United States were fond of Barrack Obama, and many of them consider that Joe Biden will make the country reach the level that it was on during the days when Obama was their President.

Trump is not going to win even though he has stacked the federal bench

Trump has again said in a statement that he would not be silently transferring the powers. He is planning up to something, and now the officials are worried. Joe Biden, on the other hand, is calm and composed and is also sure that Trump will not do anything and will leave the chair without creating a scene. Trump is constantly pointing towards electoral fraud. He has, again and again, said that conspiracies are going on. People do not want him to come back and hence are considering illegal practices. The thing that happened in Pennsylvania is still being discussed, but Trump has given his judgment that the democrats are behind all this, and they do not want him to rule.

However, judges have consistently dismissed them, both in red and blue counties. They did so for the same reasons that Christopher Wray, FBI Director, and Ben Ginsberg, a Republican electoral lawyer, have dismissed him these days: decades of fruitless inquiries have shown that there is no mass electoral fraud. In the slamming Republican insistence that witnesses be absent from voting in a case of South Carolina, US District Judge J. Michelle Childs wrote: A too absolute dearth of absent theft. She suggested that the provision for witnesses would expose susceptible persons to coronavirus.

It has also been observed that the confidence in his voice has gone. Earlier, when Trump used to address the people, the kind of expressions he had and the confidence that was there in his voice has slowly gone down. He knows that these might be his last days in the white house. He is all set to get notorious and is going to create a stir for the new President. Even Trump’s preferred judges failed to support him. In Michigan, US District Judge Stephanie Dawkins Davis blocked a government moratorium on contracted drivers who take votes. In Pennsylvania, District Judge Nicholas Ranjan suspended the decision of the State Supreme Court to expand the time limits for absentee voting and allow drop boxes to be used for such ballots.

Everywhere, Republicans didn’t lose. The state procurator has blocked local election officers from embracing coronavirus paranoia as a legitimate reason for someone seeking voting in Texas where Democrats have become highly competitive. Now there are a lot of things that are coming up, but Trump, on the one hand, is standing alone as a one-man army. Many officials have said that there is no point in pointing fingers on the government. You just cannot point fingers and save yourself. One of the higher authority personnel has also said that if Trump gets defeated in the elections, then it will look graceful that he hands over the powers to Biden and walks down. It is not the case that he has done only the things that caused harm. There are a lot of good things that people love about Trump, but they will only be remembered if he acts as a mature person.

Now, if you talk about Florida, then the courts over there have upheld the vote of the GOP-controlled legislature to annul convicted felons’ from their voting rights until they refund the legal expenses in their prosecutions. This is the case that happened around two years back when the people throughout that crucial region supported a referendum unanimously for the return of their civil rights. Nor are Trump’s litigation the only tool for an imminent election that he’s losing. It also tries to spread public mistrust of the outcome, much as the Russian intelligence agents who boosted its 2016 campaign and are doing the same thing now, according to US national security officials.

To an extent, it functions. A recent Pew Research poll found that 59 percent of Republicans think simpler voting laws make elections less safe, compared to only 18 percent of Democrats. Any effort by Trump to contest the outcome of the election will build on the feeling of unease among his supporters. Judicial wrangling tends to go a long way. As the most relevant single venue, Pennsylvania, one of three Midwest battlegrounds that tipped Trump’s 2016 victory, looms. Democrats weigh an appeal to the state Supreme Court’s federal courts disqualifying so-called naked votes left off by electors who refuse to use the protective envelope used to check their qualifications. In a state that Trump won by just 44,000 votes, observers expect as many as 100,000 of them.

But then it is all about trust. All the figures are clear, and everything is there in a written form. The electoral board is not going to favor their favorite candidate as they work for the country. If you see in the past, there has never been a single election where the President has pointed fingers on the board and said that they are doing fraud or are not being lawful. You just cannot say that. One of the officials said that these things are making Trump look like a fool who is all making up stories and nothing else. His statements must be avoided now and let us see what the people of the United States have decided for the future of the country. If they want then, Trump shall rise again, or the country will see a better tomorrow with the guidance and support of Joe Biden. All eyes are on the election result now.



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