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Trump Lashes Out At Republicans After They Override His Veto

The last few days in office are not going in the right direction for Donald Trump. The house of representatives on Monday decided to override Trump’s Veto, which did not go down well with the president.

Conservatives joined democrats and supported the increase in coronavirus stimulus checks. Apart from that, they also decided to override his Veto after a massive defense spending bill.

Trump Lashes Out At Republicans After They Override His Veto

Without naming anyone in particular, Trump attacked Republican leadership and said that they only want the path of least resistance. He also called some of the leaders pathetic.

Trump was not happy with the size of the stimulus relief checks and said that it should be increased from $600 to $2000 to provide proper relief to people affected by the covid-19 situation.

Even though this was approved by the house of representatives, his stance about the other aspects of the spending bill was not agreed by the members.

It was evident that Trump suffered a clear setback after more than a hundred republicans in the house joined hands with the democrats to override Trump’s Veto. Even Joe Biden had alleged that his transition team has run into new roadblocks from the Trump Administration, and this is affecting national security during the transition phase.

The transition team said that they were not getting enough information that they needed in important aspects of national security. This could affect the new administration as they will have to manage with a lack of information in key areas.

Apart from that, Biden also outlined the threats from climate change as one of the top priorities for his administration. This is a clear indication that the new administration will take a different approach when it comes to handling climate change.

The team also wants to give priority to clean energy, and the automobile industry is keenly watching the developments in this regard. According to news reports, the emission standards may be revised, and automobile manufacturers will have to work hard to maintain the new standards in the near future.

The relief checks that are delayed due to the clashes between Trump and the house of representatives has left millions of Americans in a difficult situation.

Even though the house had cleared $600 stimulus checks last week, it has still not been implemented as Trump suggested changes and the option to increase it to $2000.

Trump has raised several objections to the decisions of Republican lawmakers in the recent past. In the last few months, several attempts to overturn the election results in key States failed as the Republican governors did not listen to the instructions of Trump.

This has set an interesting battle as Trump is still not willing to concede defeat and trying all legal means to override the election results.

Many critics argue that this is a bad example of how to spend your last days at the office. Trump has lost respect among Republicans, and he has openly lashed out at many of them in recent months. This is definitely not a sign of good governance or leadership, and Trump needs to understand that he is doing a lot of damage to the Republican party due to his actions.

These things will definitely have repercussions in the long run, and the future leaders have to face the public when it comes to defending the policies of Trump.

Biden has not paid much attention to the noise of the Trump campaign and largely ignored them after the election results became public. On the other hand, Trump still believes that he can overturn the election results by reaching out to the Supreme Court.

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