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Trump Made Disparaging Remarks About US War Dead

Media reports claim that Trump made disparaging remarks about US war dead and, in one instance, even referred to them as losers. It claims that Trump was referring to the war dead at Aisne Marne American Cemetery in France in 2018. Reacting to the incident, Trump said that it was totally false.

Trump made disparaging remarks about US war dead


The allegations first cropped up in magazines, and some senior officers of the US Marine Corps confirmed some of the remarks made by Trump about US military people. The incident that was referred to in the article talks about how National Security Council officials and the Secret Service had told Trump during his Paris visit that due to rainy weather, it is risky to land a helicopter. Still, they could drive if he wanted to visit the place. Reacting to this, Trump said that he did not want to visit the cemetery as it was filled with losers.

The White House had canceled the visit officially during that time and blamed the poor weather conditions for the change in schedule. The newspaper also claimed that Trump referred to the 1800 marines who died in WW-I battle as suckers as they got killed. Trump has denied all such allegations and said that it was a terrible magazine. He added that no animal would say such a thing about the heroes and had the highest respect for them. He claimed that he never spoke such things about the fallen heroes, and he is willing to swear on anything in this regard. Talking about the canceled visit to the cemetery, Trump said that the helicopter could not land in that place due to bad weather conditions, and the Secret Service did not allow him to travel by vehicle.

White House chief of staff Mark Meadows said that all this is due to the presidential campaign, and they are trying to smear the image of Trump by putting such false allegations. He also said that it was sad that people were getting into such low levels to target Trump. Joe Biden also commented on the incident and said that if the news reports about such statements from Trump are true, it shows how deeply he disagrees with Trump about the role of POTUS. Biden also added that Duty, Honor, and Country are the values that drive the service members. He added that he would ensure that American heroes will know that he is behind them in tough times, and he will always honor their sacrifice. It is interesting to note that Biden’s son served in Iraq in 2008-09.

Another report claims that Trump had gone with John Kelly on Memorial Day in 2017 to visit the Arlington Cemetery gravesite of Kelly’s son Robert. During that meeting, Trump had told Kelly that he did not understand what was in it for them. Yet another similar report claims that Trump was not interested in supporting the August 2018 funeral of Republican Sen John McCain, who was a decorated Navy veteran. John McCain had spent many years in Vietnam as a war prisoner. Trump had said that he was a loser and was not happy that flags were flown at half staff for McCain.

Talking about this specific incident, Trump said that even though he was not a big fan of McCain and had a lot of differences with him, he still had respect for McCain and approved everything with regards to the first-class triple-A funeral. He said that McCain deserved it rightly in every way. However, in 2015, when Trump campaigned for his Presidential candidacy, he had publicly blasted McCain, saying that he was not a war hero, and Trump liked people who were not captured. The magazine reports also claimed that Trump referred to HW Bush as a loser as he was shot down by the Japanese during WWII, where he served as a Navy Pilot.

Political analysts are not interpreting the timing of such allegations by the magazine, and people will not get much influenced by such late revelations. Most people have already made up their minds about whom to choose as the next president in November, and such things may not change the numbers in a huge way. However, it cannot be said with certainty that Trump has not made such statements. As everyone is familiar with his way of talking, many people may believe the allegation about Trump. Even in this case, nothing much can change because Trump has always been unapologetic about his behavior in public. In fact, many people even like him for his daring comments on multiple issues.

Even when it comes to talking about the Black Lives Matter movement or the police atrocities against black people in general, Trump has always taken a stance and supported the police in most cases. He was emphasizing law and order problems in the US and called the protesters as rioters who are out to damage the culture and heritage of the US. In recent months, the protests in Portland and many other cities have had a significant impact on local businesses as cities continued to burn for many weeks. Violence and riots have affected many businesses. In many places, Trump supporters have clashed with BLM protesters, which has raged violence in many cities.

In Portland, one person who belonged to the Trump supporters group was killed by an alleged right-wing activist. Reacting to the incident, Trump had asked the police to take swift action and arrest the accused in the case. The police shot dead the suspect in Portland killing, according to the latest media reports. The suspect had a confrontation with the police officials when they went to arrest him, and they had to open fire as the suspect was armed at that time. In all these instances, Trump never has minced words and come out strongly in support of police officials. Considering all these factors, political analysts feel that the magazine reports will not do much harm to the image of Trump in the upcoming elections.



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