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Coronavirus Updates: Trump, Pence, Congress, SCOTUS To Get Vaccines

The vaccine developed by Pfizer has got FDA approval, and it is available for mass vaccination programs across the US. According to official reports, President Donald Trump, vice president Mike Pence, Congress, and Supreme Court will be soon provided vaccines in the next few days.

Coronavirus Updates: Trump, Pence, Congress, SCOTUS To Get Vaccines

This is encouraging news as it will set the trend for mass vaccination programs across the country and send the message that the vaccine is safe for public use. The Trump administration has made all arrangements to shift the vaccines to all 50 states. Frontline health workers and patients with a critical illness will be given priority in the first phase of the vaccination program.

Coronavirus Updates: Trump, Pence, Congress, SCOTUS To Get Vaccines

The CDC and other health organizations are concerned about prioritizing the vaccine in the long run. It is expected that close to 50 million people will get the vaccines in the next three months.

According to the latest updates, the total death toll in the country has crossed 300000. The number of new coronavirus infections is also on the rise. It is consistently above the 200,000 mark since the last one week. This is presenting a scary picture and public health care is burdened as they are not able to provide the best service for the patients.

The FDA had given emergency use authorization for the vaccine as it was found safe for a majority of people above the age of 16. In this regard, it can safely be used by the general public as the vaccine has not shown side effects in clinical trials. Even the UK has started using the same vaccine across several hospitals, and results are positive so far.

The health authorities have indicated that prioritizing the distribution of vaccines will be the next big challenge for the authorities. They have to take care of all the distribution issues and ensure that it is done in a proper manner so that the chain of transmission can be cut at the earliest.

According to officials, the vaccine shots will be offered to officials belonging to all three branches of government. This includes the top leaders at the White House, Congress, and Supreme Court. Along with President Donald Trump, staff members of the White House who work in close proximity to the president will also be given early vaccines.

In the past, several dozens of Whitehouse staffers and visitors have tested positive for the virus, including President Donald Trump. The vaccination program is still being worked out, and more clarity will emerge in the next few weeks.

During the early rollout program, president-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, along with other members of the transition team, may also be offered vaccinations. They have volunteered to take the vaccines in public in order to boost confidence in the medicine among the public. Along with them, former presidents George Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama have also volunteered to take the vaccines in public.

Joe Biden said that it was important to communicate to the American public that the vaccine was safe for use, and he, along with his team, is ready to take the vaccine shots publicly. The FDA officials have indicated that they have a limited supply of the vaccine at the moment, and they are going to take a targeted approach in order to break the chain of transmission.

The high ranking personnel at the White House and other government officers are given priority in the vaccination program as this will ensure the continuity of government plans in the event of a national emergency. The officials also added that Americans could take confidence from the fact that they are receiving the same vaccine that is being given to the top officials of the US government.

The distribution plan for the Federal government is done in accordance with a 2016 presidential directive that has a clear outline with regards to which jobs are considered national essential functions.

Some critics have argued that Trump and his staff members should not get priority as they had downplayed the threat of the virus throughout the pandemic. Donald Trump was not in favor of wearing masks, and he even held crowded public events that became super-spreaders in several regions before the elections. Considering these events, giving priority to such politicians ahead of the Frontline healthcare workers is not a good thing, according to some critics.

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