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Trump Secretly Got Vaccinated For COVID-19 Infection

According to some aids familiar with the matter, former President Donald Trump had received at least one shot of the coronavirus vaccine while in office. He received the vaccine shot for COVID-19 privately at a time when other officials were receiving it publicly to boost the vaccination program. 

Trump Secretly Got Vaccinated For COVID-19 Infection

According to one of the aides, former President Trump and his wife Melania have now received both the shots. Putting forward the condition for anonymity, the aid confirms that both of them are now fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 infection after receiving both shots. 

Trump Secretly Got Vaccinated For COVID-19 Infection

While in office, Donald Trump had only two choices for vaccines, Pfizer and Moderna, that were authorized for emergency use. Both m-RNA based vaccines require two doses to be administered for developing complete immunity towards the COVID-19 infection. 

The two shots are given about a month apart. The single-shot vaccine against COVID-19 just got approval for emergency use. 

Looking at the timeline of the vaccine doses from Pfizer and Moderna, and assuming Trump and his wife received their first shot in January, it seems like the second dose was due when they already have left the White House. Pfizer recommends a time lag of 21 days between the first and the second dose of their vaccine. Moderna has approved a gap of about 28 days between the two vaccine shots. But it is still not clear if they received the first shot or the second booster dose in January while Trump was still in office.

The then vice president Mike Pence was vaccinated on December 18 last year. He received his first vaccine shot that day. President Joe Biden, who was then a president-elect, received his first shot last year on December 21. 

Both of them have received the vaccine shots on a camera before the public. The sole purpose was to build confidence among the general masses to receive the newly developed vaccines that were authorized for emergency use. At that time, third phase clinical trials were not sufficient to statistically announce the vaccines’ safety and efficacy. 

Though last year the emergency approval was given to the two vaccines to fight the pandemic, the side-effects and any severe issues were not reported with vast data that could be generalized to all the people. People were surely skeptical about the vaccination programs and were not willing to receive the shots.

While spent months to pin about the strategies to cope with the ongoing pandemic, then President Donald Trump stopped by doing campaigns asking people to get vaccinated against the coronavirus. But he never himself took the initiative to go for the vaccination and make people to believe in the immunization programs. He was never shown in public to receive any dose of the approved vaccines. 

One of Trump’s aid about the private vaccination that Trump and his wife receive while in the office is now revealed. 

After Trump’s speech in Florida, the whole incident came to light, where he urged people to go to the vaccination centers and take the shots. He didn’t want the Biden administration to take credit for the immunization operations going throughout the country to battle the pandemic. He added that the former administration laid out the plan to battle the pandemic and the coronavirus infection. President Biden is only implementing it.

The adviser to Donald Trump did mention that Trump had already received the doses, but he didn’t clarify what vaccine doses, out of Pfizer and Moderna, were given to them. He even did not brief about the date and time when the second shots were received by the two.

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