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Trump Seeks To Join Supreme Court Lawsuit Challenging Election Results

Donald Trump now wants to join the supreme court lawsuit that is challenging the election results in four key States. He has asked the supreme court to overturn the election results in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Wisconsin. Apart from that, he also wants the courts to grant permission that will allow state legislatures to appoint new electors.

Trump Seeks To Join Supreme Court Lawsuit Challenging Election Results

The attorneys representing Donald Trump have asked the Supreme Court to let him intervene in a lawsuit that was earlier filed by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and 17 other Republican state attorneys general. They claim that the four Battleground States expanded mail-in ballot voting in an illegal manner that helped President-elect Joe Biden to win the US 2020 elections.

Trump Seeks To Join Supreme Court Lawsuit Challenging Election Results

The legal papers provided by the team of Trump wanted to support the claim made by the Attorney General. They said that after looking at the data from different states and counties where Trump had lost and won in the last elections, it was evident that there was something abnormal and many Americans also knew that there was something fishy about the elections.

However, the president did not provide any evidence of fraud and said that their intention was to demonstrate that the elections held in the four Battleground States deviated from the standard process of selecting electors that were established by the state legislatures.

Paxton has been a supporter of Trump for many years, and he has frequently sued several times for supporting the policies of the Trump administration. He told the supreme court that the officials in the four states used friendly lawsuits to expand voting by mail during the previous elections. Not only that, but the officials also weakened the signature verification process and witness requirements required to protect the integrity of the elections.

He added that the states had tainted the integrity of the electoral process by ignoring both state and Federal laws. Apart from that, the states have also spoilt the integrity of thousands of voters.

The officials in the four states have criticized the filing made by Trump supporters and termed it as an irresponsible publicity stunt. The Trump campaign has not submitted any proof to prove the irregularities in the elections, but they have falsely claimed about such activities in front of the media. The Trump campaign has also lost several lawsuits in the last few months as they were not able to provide concrete evidence in most of the cases.

Several allies of Trump have also appealed in different courts, challenging the election results. However, none of them have been able to sustain for a long time as judges quickly dismissed most of them for lack of evidence. The legal team of Trump has failed miserably in this regard, and they are not able to provide any sort of convincing evidence to the courts.

The first attempt made by the Trump campaign with regards to challenging the election results came by way of spreading false information about fraudulent activities during the elections. When such attempts were not successful, they resorted to challenging the manner in which mail-in voting was extended in several States. However, the judges argued that the changes to mail in the voting system were made in 2019, and the Trump campaign waited for a year to file a lawsuit challenging the amendment.

Considering the timing of the lawsuit, it is clearly evident that the Trump campaign wants to delay the certification process, and they are not going to achieve anything substantial out of the lawsuits. The electoral college is all set to meet next week, and this will put an end to all the controversies regarding the Presidential elections. Donald Trump has also made it clear that he will make way for Biden if he loses in the electoral college.

Biden has already made all arrangements to take charge of the office and is holding several meetings with the officials regarding the transition process. He has also announced several policies that he plans to implement after joining the office in January. Given this situation, it would be interesting to see if supreme courts entertain the fresh proposals made by the legal team of Trump. Even if Trump is allowed to join the lawsuit, it may not have any impact on the overall outcome, and it is likely to cause further embarrassment to the Trump campaign.

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