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Trump Slams Arizona Governor After Election Certification

President Donald Trump has publicly slammed Arizona governor for certifying the election results. Trump made a series of tweets against governor Doug Ducey and said that he has betrayed the people of Arizona.

Trump asked why the Governor is in a hurry to put a Democrat in office when several horrible things regarding voter fraud have been revealed everywhere. The Trump campaign has alleged election fraud and wanted the state leaders to disregard the election results.

Trump Slams Arizona Governor After Election Certification

Ducey has not responded to the comments made by Donald Trump. However, the staff clarified that the results have not created a rift between the politicians. As the certification documents were signed by the Governor on Monday, his cell phone was set with the ringtone of “Hail to the Chief“. He was clearly indicating that he was set to receive calls from the White House in this regard.

Trump Slams Arizona Governor After Election Certification

On Monday, the Governor posted several tweets defending his actions about certifying the election results. He said that this was needed to defend election integrity in Arizona as the state has had a long history of voting by mail and several laws to prevent voter fraud. However, he did not mention Donald Trump in any of his comments in his tweets.

He added that the problems that existed in other states did not apply to Arizona and his team wanted to follow the law in this situation. According to the law, the secretary of state in the presence of the Governor and Attorney General have to Canvass the election on the fourth Monday after the general election. This process can only be delayed if some counties declined to certify the results. As all the 15 counties in Arizona have certified their results, there was no way that the certification could be stopped according to law.

The Governor said that he was on oath to uphold the law and takes his responsibility seriously. When Trump had earlier visited Arizona before the elections, he had asked the Governor to deliver him the Battleground States’ 11 electoral votes. As the election results did not turn according to the expectations of the Trump campaign, they began to express doubts about the state’s election system. However, such efforts were not supported by the Governor, and he defended the election process in Arizona.

The Governor said that the judges did not intervene in the electoral process and there were no last-minute changes. Ducey was a strong supporter of President Trump and had praised his working style in the past. He had said that due to the efforts of the Trump administration, the economy is booming and this has provided jobs and other opportunities for several families.

Even Trump shared a good relationship with the Governor and invited him to White House functions in the past. Donald Trump also applauded the work done by the Governor with regards to securing the Arizona-Mexico border.

Even with regards to handling the pandemic, the White House officials had openly applauded the work done by the Arizona governor. Ducey was part of several public meetings of Trump in Arizona. There were speculations that he would be offered the cabinet position if Trump came back to power.

The Trump campaign has tried to discredit the electoral process by filing several lawsuits. However, they have not been successful in most of them and have withdrawn many of the cases before they came up for hearing. Donald Trump has openly criticized several republicans whenever they have supported the electoral process.

According to a recent poll, the popularity of Trump has declined by some margin after the election results among the republicans. Several supporters of Trump are now embarrassed at the way the legal team of Trump is filing lawsuits without any concrete evidence.

Even Trump has now indicated that he is willing to concede defeat after the final voting at the electoral college meet. This is all set to happen on the 14th of December, and it will put an end to all the controversies with regards to the US 2020 elections.

This is a big relief, even for many republicans as the behaviour of Trump is causing a lot of embarrassment to the party. Many people will now be able to focus on economic reforms and other initiatives that are needed to take the country forward from the pandemic situation.

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