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Trump Supporter’s Washington Protests Become Aggressive

Washington is exploding with violent riots of Trump supporters with police officials. The House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had to seek National Guard’s assistance as the swarming crowd broke the barricades and stepped inside the Capitol Building and made the situation uncontrollable by the police.

The violently occupied crowd intended to stop the Congress from certifying Biden’s election victory. Both the Congress house had to pause their proceedings for a while after the protesters stormed into the Capitol Building. 

Trump Supporter’s Washington Protests Become Aggressive  

On Wednesday, at the Capitol’s front, at least 4 of the protesters were killed and 52 were arrested. One among the dead is a woman, who was later found as shot by an Air Force Veteran.

Trump Supporter’s Washington Protests Become Aggressive

The Capitol building had to be kept locked with lawmakers and congressmen inside. The chaos in the Capital front forced the police to fire pepper sprays, still, the mob shouted “traitors”. 

Later on, the senate had to evacuate the members and Vice President Mike Pence was kept in a secure location.

Reports show that Trump himself urged the protesters to step inside the Capitol Building, exactly one hour before the protest became aggressive as he was attending the rally.

Addressing the mob, he said that he and his folks are trying to give the needed pride and boldness to the Republicans to take the country back.

Trump made another remark that this year’s election was rigged by the Republicans like never before, and they won’t concede and stop the theft.

However, when the clashes began, he appealed for peace in his tweet. His tweet said to the protesters that the Capitol Police and Law enforcement are truly on the side of the nation so to support them. On the other hand, Biden said that America’s democracy was under an unprecedented assault.

Lindsey Graham, the Republican Senator tweed that both Biden and Kamala Harris are lawfully elected by the people. Though he prayed for Biden’s loss, he won the election, and he is the legitimate president of the United States. 

Despite the protests, the U.S House of Representatives and Senate had met in a rare joint session to begin considering the certification of Electoral College results. The election results show the defeat of Trump with Biden.

According to the police, the situation stayed hours long, and both the law enforcement and protestants deployed chemical irritants during the encounter.

Two pipe bombs and a cooler were recovered from the site. The cooler was from a vehicle that had a long gun and Molotov cocktail on Capital grounds.

Meanwhile, the FBI is investigating the protests and seeks information to identify every person who instigated violence in Washington. The FBI is also accepting data on the riots and violence in the Capitol Building and nearby areas.   

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