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Trump Vetoes National Defense Bill; Congress Looks To Override

Donald Trump had vetoed the National Defense Authorization Act that would raise the direct pay offered to troops and help them in purchase of weapons. Package of $741 billion was approved by the Senate with a vote of 84-13. Trump rejected the bill as it does not include the provisions of his choice.

However, experts have claimed that the move by Trump will not stop the NDAA from being enacted. As the Senate has passed the bill with more than a two-thirds majority, it becomes veto-proof legislation.

Trump Vetoes National Defense Bill; Congress Looks To Override

In a lengthy note, Trump said that even though his administration recognizes the importance of the Act to our national security, he is rejecting it as the Act fails to include critical national security measures. Trump wants to include provisions that would put America first with regards to national security and foreign policy actions. He also termed the Act as a gift to China and Russia.

Trump Vetoes National Defense Bill; Congress Looks To Override

Trump wanted to strip social media companies from the protections they currently have under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. As per the regulation, Twitter and Facebook cannot be sued by anyone who claims to be hurt by a post. As Trump has always claimed that social media companies are biased against conservatives, he wants section 230 to be removed as it poses a threat to national security.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that the move by Trump to veto the bill was an act of recklessness that endangers the society. Pelosi added that even as the country is targeted by cyberattacks, Trump has sidelined the issue of national security.

According to the bill, the troops get a pay hike of about 3%, including paid family leave. Apart from that, around $635 billion goes towards the Pentagon budget and $26 billion to nuclear programs under the Energy Department.

Many people are criticizing the moves of Trump in his last days as the President as he is making meaningless allegations on various things. Trump has even criticized several Republicans who did not support his baseless claims of voter fraud during the presidential elections. He has removed key people from office for not agreeing with his claims.

The recent cyberattacks were also not criticized by Trump even though Pompeo had said that Russia was behind the attack. However, Trump tried to sideline the issue and instead pointed fingers at China. The recent covid relief bill was also dismissed by Trump after the congress passed it.

Several Republican leaders have openly criticized the recent actions of Trump and said that he should accept defeat gracefully and move out of office. However, Trump is in no mood to concede defeat to Biden and wants to still challenge the election outcome through lawsuits. The electoral college also voted in favor of Biden and Trump has lost all credibility to challenge the election results.

The federal government is also dealing with several other issues with regards to the transition of power. The transition team of Biden have accused the Pentagon and other agencies of not offering them cooperation with regards to critical information. The Biden team has said that this can have an impact on national security and they have to be updated with the accurate information about the recent cyberattacks and other issues.

Trump also pardoned some controversial security contractors who are convicted of murder by the courts. This was also criticized by many people as they felt that it sends a wrong message to the armed forces and the world that Americans can get away by flouting international laws. However, Trump is trying to make the best use of his last days at office by indulging in such acts.

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