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Trump Vows At Georgia Rally: Win Back The White House

After facing the Senate’s possible Republican loss, On Saturday, Donald Trump spent a long time at a campaign rally. He was ranting about his defeat in the election and, meantime, ripping Georgia Republican leaders who completely refused all his demands in subverting the results in Peach State.

Trump Vows At Georgia Rally: Win Back The White House

Donald Trump promoted incumbent Georgia Sens. Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, whose re-election on January 5 will control the Senate’s control. But he framed his rally around his legacy and did not forget to include false allegations about the election.

Trump Vows At Georgia Rally: Win Back The White House

It was a 100-minutes rally, and it took just after his re-insertion into Georgia politics through again and again failing. Now, it is time to reverse his defeat in the state, and he can do it by pressuring the state legislature and the Republican Gov. Brian Kemp.

But Kemp rejected Trump’s request ultimately for a special legislative session and which was aimed to approve the appointment for a pro-Trump slate into the Electoral College. The airport rally in Valdosta earned repeated rebukes from Trump in Ga., and the rally lasted 100 minutes.

Trump said, ‘we need someone brave and bring courage to do what they should do.’ Now, he has pressured legislators in most of the Biden states for pushing pro-Trump electors. Trump also claimed that ‘he won the presidential election,’ but he tacitly admitted that Biden would become president. Meantime he admitted that on Jan.20, Kamala Harris would become the vice president.

At one stage, he also described Loeffler and Perdue as the last defense line towards winning the Republican Senate. But, Democrats will take control once Harris and Biden take office. Donald Trump has also discussed one more presidential campaign in 2014 with all his aides. He joked in Valdosta, saying we do not need to run any more campaigns since we will win back the White House in the next few weeks.

Trump was lodging fact-free protection throughout his speech, and most were about balloting procedures primarily in swing states such as Georgia, Nevada, Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and even Wisconsin. He repeatedly mentioned allegations of fraud that were rejected and debunked by-elections officials and judges from both political parties.

The rally was scheduled on behalf of Loeffler and Perdue ostensibly by planners. They are two Georgia Republican senators, and they are going to face tough re-election battles for determining control of the U.S. Senate. Both these candidates have been burdened enough since Trump’s unprecedented attempts to flipping the presidential election results in many places, including Georgia.

Trump’s attacks on the Republican leader, Kemp, and his complaints regarding his loss to president-elect Biden in Georgia may threaten to reduce turnout for Loeffler and Perdue. Trump’s reactions will definitely make them vulnerable against Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff, Democrat opponents.

In Jan. 5 run, if Democrats win in Georgia, then-Senate will be tied with 50-50 between the two parties. But, control will be given to Democrats since Harris will come as a tie-breaker in the vice president role as she will be the president of the Senate. She will be a prime determinant in this scenario.

Pollster Frank Luntz said, ‘for voter turnout in Georgia; I can say that Donald Trump is the major driving force. In case if Republicans win in Georgia, they should thank Donald Trump. If they lose, they can easily blame him.’

It is revealed that none of the candidates in the Georgia Senate won over 50 percent of the vote in last month’s election, so they have not achieved state-mandated run-offs. But Trump acknowledged turnout concerns, and he told supporters in Valdosta that, ‘you have to come out and vote.’ Trump also praised Loeffler and Perdue, and he described their runoffs as the most important Senate race in the country’s history.

In return for Trump’s praise, the two senators also spoke briefly when they participated in the Valdosta rally.

A political scientist, professor emerita at the University of South Florida, Susan A. MacManus said, ‘there was a clear message on having to vote, and I feel that managed to get much louder, and it was above expectation. Even though he attacked the fairness of the vote in Georgia continuously and even in other places, it was much louder.’

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