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Trump Will Have To Answer About His Failed Policies Towards Coronavirus

The scientists worldwide are, again and again, stating that the pandemic is far from over and might turn out to be the worse again if proper measures are not taken on time. On the other hand, Trump has been neglecting everything and has allowed the industries and the economy to open. From schools to restaurants and bars, people have come out and are trying their best to lead the life they had. This is going to cost a lot if the situation becomes out of control.

Trump will have to answer about his failed policies towards Coronavirus

Donald Trump is all set for the debate with Joe Biden. He will have to answer many questions that will be fired on him because of his careless attitude towards the pandemic that has hit the nation hard. The people who lost their lives and those who are still suffering everyone have a question to ask which Biden will lead in the debate, and Trump will have to answer. How can a president be so carefree about his country and not take a required step as an emergency? With more than 200000 people dead and many more suffering in the hospital’s Trump is still not serious about the issue. It is opening up when everyone knows that WHO is still unsure whether the pandemic is over or the worst is yet to come. The cherry-picking of data and disclosing it as the growth rate taking a turn will not prove anything. There has been a growth of 9% cases every week, and Trump has no answers.

Biden was firm and said that this is a criminal act that Trump has done. He just came and waved a white flag. What did he mean by that? Was it all you expect from the President to come on the camera and wave a white flag and go back? Are people dumb? Don’t you care about the ones who follow you? No!! Trump has no feelings and thus has proved that he is a useless hypocrite when dealing with the pandemic. When the White House talks about Trump being a leader and an optimist, are they out of their mind, or are the words being put in their mouth? The Vice President was not going to calm down, and as the lion roared, his roars made Trump guilty. Biden targeted hard on Trump, avoiding to wear a mask, and not following the rules. He also targeted him hard by asking why he did not advise the people about the emergency state. Why were the people kept away from the truth that the times are not good, and it is going to get worse? He shot at him directly about how he can sleep at night with the burden of being responsible for the death of more than 200000 people.

The people do not trust him at all, and the quick approval for the vaccine that has been being manufactured has also raised questions. Once known as the superpower and the best healthcare provider, just because of Trump’s mismanagement and his inability to lead a nation has brought the country to tatters. The entire image that the United States had for the world has been shattered into pieces. The officials have been saying that Trump listens to only that thing he wants to know about the pandemic. He is not interested in growing cases. He is not interested in the falling economy. No!! Not at all. Trump only wants to know the places where the graph is falling. Trump was not even bothered about listening to what Biden said, and neither did he show any interest in answering the questions. On the other hand, he has started making policies against the parties stating that all this is being said to spoil his image in front of the people and effect the electoral voting against him.

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On Monday, Trump released a fresh appeal for Democratic governors to start opening up their markets more rapidly, accusing them of enforcing lockdowns and other measures merely to hurt their electoral aspirations. His demand came amid widespread concerns of an increase in coronavirus infections that one prominent model now predicts at the University of Washington’s Institute of Health Measurements and Assessment could carry the death toll to 371,000 by the end of the year. Lockdowns can be very destructive because, right now, we have many states that are shut down. Honestly, no one knows what the governors are doing. Everyone wants to open up and start leading the life they did. Still, Mr President has no clue what disaster this opening up can lead the nation into. In the five weeks left before the election, if the pandemic takes another turn for the worse, Trump will fail to switch the movement to his chosen ground—including his selection of favorite Conservative Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the seat of the Supreme Court, his fight for ‘law and order’ and allegations that Biden is a Trojan horse for a democratic takeover.

The President’s policy took another blow when, in a story that explained his inability, to be frank with American voters about his financial history, The New York Times revealed on Sunday that he paid virtually no taxes in 10 of the last 15 years. Though the tax issue opened up another point of attack for Biden, Democrats had also been exploring a debate claim that connects both the pandemic and the Barrett nominee, including Obamacare’s sustainability. Amid the worst public health epidemic in years, the legislation has become even more relevant. But it is still fragile again, and the Supreme Court would consider the administration’s claim to invalidate Obamacare the week after the election, potentially involving the recently elected Barrett if she is confirmed by then. This intense obsession with overturning the Affordable Care Act — motivated solely by President Obama’s irrational indignation — is occurring at a time when our nation is recovering from the ravages of a pandemic that has taken more than 200,000 lives.



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