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Trump’s Baseless Remarks Result Freezing His Twitter And Facebook Accounts

Twitter and Facebook temporarily blocked President Trump’s accounts, eventually after his baseless remarks on the presidential election. 

The capital itself is in chaos with violent protests of his supporters, which forced a pause of the proceedings temporarily. The protesters also forcefully attempted to block Biden’s appointment as the new president.

Trump’s Baseless Remarks Result Freezing His Twitter And Facebook Accounts

Facebook decided as it was clear that his posts would praise and encourage the storming protests in Washington and DC.

Trump’s Baseless Remarks Result Freezing His Twitter And Facebook Accounts

As a result of the ongoing and unprecedented violent situation, three of Trump’s posts were removed on Twitter and required the removal of the same.   

Twitter mentioned that his account would be blocked for the next 12 hours. The account would remain blocked until Trump removed his offending claims. The officials of Twitter said in their statement that the @realDonaldtrump account would be suspended permanently if he repeats violation of the Twitter rules like their Civic Integrity or Violent Threats policies. 

His reaction to the protesting mob was strange as he praised them as special and told them that they are loved while telling them to disperse. 

The total number of followers in Trump’s social media handle is 88 million.

The sudden outburst of sequential protests and other incidents also made YouTube and Facebook take down videos posted by Trump himself.

Guy Rose, the Vice President of Integrity in Facebook tweeted that they are taking emergency measures in this emergency, including the removal of Trump’s videos, and they believe that the removal would contribute to diminishing the risk of the current violence at the capital.

The spokesperson of Facebook said that any attempt to re-stage the storming of Congress so they ban any incitement and calls for violence in their platform and they would review and remove the contents which violate their rules. 

Trump’s Instagram account remains active even though it is owned by Facebook, Where he has a total number of 24.5 million followers.

YouTube took the action as Trump challengingly posted offensive videos on the presidential election results in which he repeatedly made baseless attacks.

The Spokesman of YouTube, Alex Joseph said that their teams are working on the immediate removal of live streams and other contents that violate the policies, as the capital building is taken by the protesters. 

In the beginning, Twitter took action focusing on limiting the reach of the offensive tweets from Trump and also from other users.

Twitter was compelled as Trump also tagged one of the videos with claiming voter fraud and disputes, which was posted at the top of his official Twitter account.

According to the supportive team of Twitter, they have been crucially labeling tweets under their Civic Integrity Policy to avoid the risk of offensive contents, but once labeled, the tweets will not be retweeted, liked, or to be replied to.

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