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Trump’s Critics: He Was Right In Most Of The World Affairs

What foreign policy experts across the world have to say about Donald Trump? According to them, he has burned and slashed his way into most of the international commitments and agreements regarding trade, climate change, public health, troop deployments, and nuclear weapons.

What a mother of an American hostage who was held overseas have to say about Trump? For her, he is nothing but an ally and advocate, and she says the president was outgoing as well.

Trump’s Critics: He Was Right In Most Of The World Affairs

Debra Tice said, ‘I can say, there is a single measure of success in the current situation. We have not received it, and Austin is yet to come back home.’ She talked about her son, who is thirty-nine years old and was a former U.S. Marine. Austin was kidnapped in the year 2012 in Syria, and he was working as a journalist when he was kidnapped. Since 2012 mother has not heard about him.

But, based on U.S. officials, Texan is still alive, and he is in the custody of either a government-aligned militia or the Syrian government. Trump took an active interest in the same case, and he even sent presidential envoys to Damascus. He requested to engage directly with President Bashar Assad’s regime. Even recently, in August when the president’s representatives were discussing the disappearance of Tice with one of the heads from Syria’s intelligence agency.

What Debra Ticewants to say about the Obama administration? Tice says the cards’ continuous shuffling dominated her family contact with the earlier Obama administration and the officials. The request was just passed from one official to another, and there was no apparent purpose, and she was unable to observe any clear strategy towards securing her son’s release.

But to contrast, she says, ‘Trump gave high priority to Austin’s release. I observed that Trump has intolerance in his heart towards Americans being held without their will.’

There is a highly detailed record. There are many things he got right than wrong based on Martin Indyk. Martin is one of the former U.S. diplomats, and currently, he is a fellow at the Council for Foreign Relations think tank. 

He even threatened war with Iran and North Korea. Trump picked trade fights with Canada. More than that, he even attacked American allies publicly, and meantime, praised ruthless dictators. As Trump leaves office, many fear his orders regarding the precipitous withdrawal of U.S. forces in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Now, on Sunday U.S. formally withdrew from the Treaty that was present on Open Skies. This was an agreement that allowed Rusia and 34 participating nations to run reconnaissance flights over their territories. The deal was intended with the main focus to reduce the risks associated with accidental war.

Some ex-diplomats, foreign policy experts, and even Trump’s harshest opponents are conceding for President Trump’s unorthodox style and “America First” nationalism. Most of the overseas initiatives by Trump succeeded in producing qualified and limited successes.

A former New Mexico governor as well as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Bill Richardson, said, ‘The best example for this is, streamlining the process for handling American hostage cases along with improving communications with their families.’ Richardson has spent decades trying to bring Americans back to their homes that were wrongfully held overseas.

When it comes to NATO, Trump was the one who undermined the military alliance. Trump was the one who made a point in truculently calling out all wealthy allies which were failed for years to yield in meeting their shares of NATO spending. Among them, many have increased their contributions compared to the earlier presidency.

Apart from these, Trump’s Israel policy has been criticized for its measures, which enormously favored Israelis compared to Palestinians. For example, one of them is moving the U.S. Embassy, which was present in Tel Aviv, to Jerusalem. Here Jerusalem was meantime claimed as future capital by Palestinians.

Trump presided over historic “normalization” agreements that were signed between Israel and some Arab states. A Tel Aviv-based policy advisor in the Israel Policy Forum, Shira Efron, says, ‘we can give Trump credit where credit is due.’ The Israel Policy Forum is an American Jewish organization for long term negotiated two-state solution expected for Palestinian- Israeli conflict.

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