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Trump’s Image Has Become a Sham Because Of His Deeds

Trump was known as a strong businessman and a tycoon in his former days, but now his image has become a sham, and it is a concern for him. Trump has been marked as a tax avoider. A report has stated that he has not paid the taxes and has been saving them in an account and has also not shown his statements.

Trump's image has become a sham because of his deeds

One of the officials also said that he might get arrested for the same if he does not clean and shows his papers. Trump, on the other hand, has said that this news are false and a complete fraud. People are trying to spoil his image just because they do not want him to be re-elected. There have been talks of different types, and he is not ready to blame. But one of the reliable news sources has declared that he has been saving a lot of tax and has not paid it from around 15 years. The news report also had the figures to prove that it is nothing like a fraud. In 2016 and 2017, he has just paid a tax of $750, and since then, no more reports are there. Yes, it also states that Trump has spent a huge amount of $70000 for his hair. Also, he has shown that he pays a huge some to his daughter Ivanka as a part of the Trump foundation.

The officials said that there is a con sitting in the White House and is ruling the country. He does not deserve the position and must be removed from the same. Many of the officials have also said that he must be called off no matter what the elections’ results come out to be. The publication that had displayed the repot has been analyzing the wealth of Trump from around 20 years. They have all the facts and figures with them. Trump is not ready to disclose the statements, but the reports have all the details from the money he is paying to what not he has paid. How can a president just pay $750 as a tax? When you have many Americans, who have been paying much more than that and are working in small jobs.

The business tycoon will regret why he entered politics as his image has been shattered to the core. This has also given a good pull t the growth he showed in the election. Now the people are clear that Biden will come up as a clear winner of the elections. Now the only thing that can save Trump from millions of dollars is a comeback as the President, but this is not going to happen. Trump has a dark future ahead with debts and loans to be paid. Trump will also have to face many questions now from the media and the other officials, and he will have to answer each of them. You just cannot steal the money and run. Another problem waiting for Trump is the court case from his niece for the property, and they will make a forgery.

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Leaving everything behind what was the major event was the debate between Joe Biden and Trump. Biden has been a straightforward person, and he did shoot as a lot of questions on Trump. Biden opened the debate and took it as a cakewalk with all his figures and facts clear in his mind. He was all set, and the lion did roar out loud and reached to the people with what he wanted to convey. $750 as tax for two years will cost Trump a lot more than what he had saved. Tax avoidance is there, and no one has the right to steal the money that belongs to the government. It did not take even a few hours, but Biden had the stickers all over his website, stating that he has pad more taxes than Trump. His personal debt also highlights his administration’s long-standing fear of handling U.S. policy to concentrate on his own personal and financial ambitions instead of the larger national interests. For example, Trump receives millions of dollars from the incomes of autocrats, whom he admired but which abuses conventional U.S. ideals, such as human rights, in countries such as Turkey and The Philippines.

Although he has not paid a little federal tax on the Treasury, in foreign taxes, including $145,400 for India and $156,824 in the Philippines in 2017, the President or his companies paid more. The image of Trump has been spiled, and now he has nowhere to go and hide. The truth is out, and he will have to face all the consequences now. There are many blind support of the President too, who will not be moved by this entire thing. They still follow him and will vote for him. There have been stories related to Trump and his nonpayment of bills and the casinos and his bankruptcies. When such big news and stories could not stop him from winning the elections, he still might come out clean. Trump is a strong man and has many followers who follow him and can make everything possible. They love him and can also bring him back on the chair.

You can forget that he was careless in handling the pandemic. One can also forget that because of his negligence, more than 200000 people have died because of coronavirus, but how can you prove the facts wrong that he has been avoiding paying his taxes. Where is the money that belongs to the country and could have been used in several other things and development? Everyone knows, and Trump is a con and is also known as the one who loves to break the rules. Still, when it comes to being the President of the United States, you need to take things seriously. Now let us all wait and see what and how Trump is going to give the clarifications about his tax theft and how will he come out clean.


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