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Trump’s Immigration Policies Take Political Overtone At The Supreme Court

President Donald Trump is working on the immigration policies with political motives during his last days at the office. The Trump administration is now seeking help from the Supreme Court to exclude undocumented immigrants from census 2020. The census calculations are important as they are used to allocate House of Representatives seats and electoral votes in the long run. This can have a serious impact on the distribution of Federal funds in the future.

Trump’s Immigration Policies Take Political Overtone At The Supreme Court

The High Court has agreed to consider the arguments in the case on Monday. The ruling, in this case, is expected by the end of the year before Trump moves out of office. If Trump manages to get a victory, this can result in a loss of house seats in several democratic states across the country. 

Trump's Immigration Policies Take Political Overtone At The Supreme Court

In the past, Trump had limited success when it came to defending his immigration policies. He was, however, able to get a travel ban from a handful of Muslim countries during the covid-19 pandemic. His move to build a wall along the southern border was also met with a lot of hurdles. The Trump administration also tried to end the program of the Obama administration that protects young immigrants from deportation.

Trump had always relied on conservatives, Catholics, and constitutional experts to alter immigration policies. However, he is not having the support of traditional allies in this situation, and they have opposed the policy. Political experts say that this is a strategy by the Trump administration to alter the electoral map for the future. As time is running out for the 2020 census process, the judges agreed to listen to the arguments in this case. The ruling, in this case, is expected before the end of the year and the Trump administration will have 10 days to report to Congress about the house seats that will be allocated to each state.

In the long run, this dispute will create a situation where states will have to compete with others for more seats as this can result in more Federal aid. According to the strategy developed by the Trump administration, the states having the highest percentage of undocumented immigrants face a bigger risk. Most of such states are predominantly democratic supporters, and this move can affect future elections in a big way.

The Trump administration has worked hard by making as many as 400 policy changes in the last few years. This has resulted in narrowing down the legal and illegal immigration channels into the country. When the immigration policies of Trump were challenged, the administration had taken the support of the Supreme Court and argued that it is working hard to restrict refugees and migrants dependent on public assistance as this can have a severe impact on the economic situation.

Conservatives have argued that there is nothing in the text of the American constitution that disregards the existence of millions of people who have lived in the country for many years. In July, the Trump administration had asked the Commerce Department to conduct a second census count that would exclude the undocumented immigrants. They wanted to use the census data excluding the undocumented migrants to allocate the 435 seats in the House of Representatives.

Trump administration had a long battle at court before they could secure victory on a travel ban from majority Muslim countries. The court considered security reasons before ruling in favour of the Trump administration. Even though the Trump administration wanted to get a travel ban from as many as seven countries, it faced a lot of opposition in the court, and they were finally able to get security travel ban from 5 Muslim Nations.

The Trump immigration policy also prevents migrants from seeking asylum to cross borders. Such migrants have to remain in Mexico till their applications are completed. The policy remains in effect, and the Supreme Court is likely to look into the arguments early next year.

Yet another victory for the Trump administration came when they were able to deny permanent legal status or green cards to immigrants who needed public assistance. Many people supported this as providing public assistance to immigrants would put a lot of burden on the federal funds.

Political experts believe that this is a desperate move by the Trump Administration, and they may face a lot of hurdles at the Supreme Court. The Republican Party wants to exclude undocumented immigrants from the census so that they can diminish the power of the democrats in several states.

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