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Trump’s Impeachment Article Handed Over To The Senate

With Trump’s impeachment trial on Tuesday, the U.S senators are ready to discuss as judges and jury.

Although the trial has been shifted to 8th February upon the Democrats and Republican members’ agreement to delay in order to decide the prosecutors and trump’s defense team time to prepare. 

Trump’s Impeachment Article Handed Over To The Senate

This is also advantageous as it will provide time for Bbiden’s cabinet members to be selected. 

The prosecutors made a ceremonial walk to the Senate chamber to deliver the impeachment article to the Senate. 

Trump’s Impeachment Article Handed Over To The Senate

The former President had Butch Bowers who is an ethics and election lawyer and Deborah Barbier who is a former federal prosecutor and is now a defense attorney for white-collar crimes.  

The U.S. Constitution called for John Roberts Chief Justice of the Supreme Court to attend the impeachment hearings for the former president, but because Trump is no longer in power, officials stated that the chief justice will not be attending.

Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy who is acting as the Senate president pro tempore stated the other day that he will preside over the impeachment trial.  

Leahy is also the longest-serving member. He stated to the press that he will ensure all the procedures for the impeachment trial are followed.

He said that during the trial, the president pro tempore should take an additional oath to follow complete justice towards the American Constitution and law system. He also mentioned the seriousness with which he will be taking the oath. 

Republican senator Joni Ernst stated that even though Trump’s leadership abilities were an utter failure, his people were the ones who went on a riot against Capitol and therefore should be held responsible. 

Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer questioned as to whether the ultimate decision would be Trump being held guilty or not.

Democratic Senator Jeff Merkley stated that the Senate shall follow its responsibility of hearing the evidence and render a judgment.

He also took over to Twitter to talk about how Trump’s actions against the constitution were a major threat to democracy and therefore the trial shouldn’t be taken lightly. 

Around two-thirds majority votes by the Senate would be required to impeach trump ie; the Senate consists of 50 republicans, 50 democrats, and 17 republicans. They would have to vote against Trump in order for him to be convicted.

President Biden said to the U.S.-based cable news network CNN on Monday that the trial has to happen at any cost. 

If the votes finally result in Trump’s impeachment, a separate, simple-majority vote will permanently forbid Trump from taking part in the elections. 

Trump is the only President in America’s 245-year old history to be impeached twice. 

He received his first impeachment from the White House in 2019 where he was held accountable for his attempt to enlist Ukraine to find confidential information against the current President Biden ahead of the November election, but the Senate discharged him in February 2020.

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