Trump’s Lawsuits Not Good Enough To Challenge Election Results

Biden has finally managed to win 290 electoral votes while Trump stays at 214. It has resulted in a comfortable victory for Biden, and the legal battles of Trump will not have much impact on the final outcome of the election result.

Trump's Lawsuits Not Good Enough To Challenge Election Results

Several key states that played important roles in the elections include Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, and Michigan. When it comes to the Senate, Democrats have added one and Republicans have lost one thereby taking the tally to 49 for the Democrats and 47 for the Republicans. The electoral college system makes it mandatory for any party to get a minimum of 270 electoral votes.

The Trump campaign had made arrangements for several lawsuits even before the voting and counting process was started across the country. The campaign intensified the activities soon after the voting and filed many cases in key states.

Some of the allegations like the late-arriving mail ballots getting mixed with normal votes and lack of access to observers during ballot counting did not stand ground. In most cases, such lawsuits were dismissed by the judges as it lacked any substantial evidence.

The most controversial move was the extension of the deadline to receive votes after the voting day. This was contested by the Trump campaign, and the court did not immediately dismiss the case. However, the extension was continued in some key states, and they were counted as valid votes even though the high court had the authority to conduct a review of the case.

The same situation was seen in Pennsylvania when the court had to decide on the legality of a three-day extension of the deadline to accept absentee votes after the election day. The campaign supporting Trump argued that such an extension was unconstitutional as this was not the usual norm in many other states. However, given the current scenario of the coronavirus pandemic across the nation, mail delays were a usual affair. On top of that, several voters had opted for such methods during the pandemic so that they could vote comfortably from home. This year, a record number of absentee votes was seen in several states.

The Supreme court of Pennsylvania upheld the extension of accepting the absentee votes beyond the election day. However, the Trump campaign appealed to the US Supreme court in this regard, and an order was issued to segregate the mail in ballots that were received after the election day.

Political analysts feel that this may not have an impact on the overall outcome of the election results as Biden was leading Trump even after such votes were segregated and not taken into account till a ruling was given in that case. Media agencies considered the regular votes and announced Biden as the winner of Pennsylvania.

The Trump campaign even went to the level of filing petty cases in some states. In Philadelphia, they argued that an observer was kept too far from the ballot counting. This seemed like a silly argument, and the entire counting of the state could not be stopped or considered invalid for such a small issue.

In Pennsylvania, the county boards of elections had contacted some voters who had made mistakes on ballots and given them an opportunity to cure ballots. The Trump campaign alleged that this was in violation of the election code of the state. However, such lawsuits have not succeeded, and they have little impact on the final outcome of the electoral process.

Arizona had an interesting case in Maricopa County when the Trump campaign alleged that voters were given sharpie markers, and some of them were flagged as defective by the tabulation machines. The Republicans alleged that poll workers overrode the warnings, and this led to some votes becoming invalid.

However, the state election officials issued a clarification about the issue and said that only less than 200 votes were considered invalid due to that reason among the total votes of 155890. Biden was leading with a comfortable margin of more than 15000 in Arizona during that time.

Some legal experts however, said that an independent expert has to evaluate the vote count in that country as this would help them to avoid the controversy about the electoral process and restore credibility in the future.

In Georgia, the Trump campaign filed a case that votes that were received after the election day was mixed with valid votes, and this result should not be considered valid. However, the judge looking into the allegation dismissed the case for lack of evidence, and he also looked into the ballots that were under question. The total ballots that were under scrutiny for such issues were less than 100, and this could not have impacted the final outcome of the elections in any manner.

In Michigan, the Trump campaign wanted to view videotaped surveillance footage of the ballot drop boxes and asked for more access to observers during the ballot counting. However, such pleas were dismissed by the judge as there was no legal basis to provide such videos unless any evidence of malpractice is provided by the campaign.

In Nevada, the Trump campaign had alleged that there were problems with the software used to match signatures on absentee ballots and access to observers was not adequate. The judge, however, said that there was no evidence that the signature matching program was faulty, and this cannot be a valid reason to stop the entire counting of votes in that region.

Such cheap tactics have not worked well for the Republicans, and even Trump is not happy with his team of lawyers. The Trump campaign believed that they could stop counting of votes in many states with such lawsuits and create panic about the electoral process. However, as Biden had a comfortable majority in several prominent states, this did not become a big problem. Most lawsuits did not even come close to threatening a victory to the Democrats.

In most of the lawsuits filed by the Trump campaign, the controversy was only about a few hundred votes. The small number of votes would anyway not have impacted the final outcome of the election results.

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