Turkish Chemist Makes Progress In The Fight Against Brain Cancer

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 27, 2022

In one of the milestone achievements, the Turkish chemist has been able to Undertake extensive research against brain cancer. According to this report, it has even been brought forward that a unique molecule is efficient in providing effective treatment for brain cancer and brain tumors.

This study has been provided by none other than a Nobel prize-winning chemist who belongs to Turkey. He invented a unique molecule as a part of the research trials. The EU molecule is considered to be the most popular molecule in biology. 

Issues That Matter

According to the study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Aziz discovered it. This molecule plays a very dynamic role in acting as an effective treatment for tumors primarily related to the brain.

Turkish Chemist Makes Progress In The Fight Against Brain Cancer

This Nobel Prize-winning personality has worked a lot on the development of the molecule, and it has discovered the efficiency of this molecule by analyzing the DNA mechanism.


According to the research that he has undertaken, it becomes crucial to note that this molecule is based on effective proteins. The specific proteins try to destroy the tumor cells at an exponential speed due to the possibility of recovering from a deadly problem like a brain tumor. It has also proven that it is a promising treatment with the help of the Unique phenomenon it works with. 

If infused in the existing radiotherapy and chemotherapy, this molecule can help achieve a milestone growth for curing the abnormal growth of cells not only in the brain but also in the different parts of the body. The experiment has been able to depict very positive results of this treatment, which has generated a new ray of hope for curing these infections. 

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Way Of Conducting The Experiment

According to the findings of this particular report, it has been brought forward that this experiment was conducted on mice. Firstly abnormal cells of Cancer were encoded inside the body of this animal. Secondly, an attempt was made to understand that the infusion of this molecule inside the body of the animal infected with Cancer can react. 

The results were terrific because, against the recovery obtained from the existing medicines and enzymes, the speed was enhanced up to 7 times with the help of this molecule. This molecule would be very effective if made as an ingredient in these medicines. This Nobel Prize-winning personality has also recommended to many pharmaceutical companies to allow research to be conducted in this direction to develop a permanent solution for a brain tumor. 

Effects On Humans

It is practical to note that this treatment is likely to have great potential for human beings. This is one of the most effective solutions to prevent the risk of encountering these kinds of diseases. If this medicine is found, the fatality rate caused by brain tumors would also reduce. This would be an adequate criterion to overtake the existing Medical risk and even develop a long-term and sustainable solution. It is one of the most compelling findings that can change the direction of research. 


It has to be concluded that if Medical Research is conducted along these lines, the day is not far when an effective treatment will be discovered for different ailments. It is also essential in light of the existing amount of fatality rate which is caused due to this particular disease. This achievement of Medical Science must be celebrated, and further research must be conducted in this regard to make better medicines and treatments for patients. 


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