6 Ways To Turtle Down Caffeine Addition Early In The Morning

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : February 10, 2022

Coffee is a beverage very much in demand among people. Coffee is hugely desired to gain the position of one of the three most popular beverages globally. It not only relieves mental stress and physical tiredness but also helps in increasing mental alertness. It has other benefits too. Caffeine is present in coffee which helps in stimulating the nervous system, muscles, and heart. It contains chemicals with other benefits too.

6 Ways To Turtle Down Caffeine Addition Early In The Morning

Often people consume coffee after they wake up in the morning. They get an instant freshness after drinking it and the sleepiness also disappears. But there are adverse effects too. It weakens the reaction of caffeine and acts conversely against the effect of cortisol’s alertness. Cortisol can be termed “alertness hormone,” which helps our body respond to fight infections, stress and regulate blood sugar. It is in the morning when we wake up that these cortisol levels are at their peak.

6 Ways To Turtle Down Caffeine Addition Early In The Morning

Caffeine instructs the body to reduce the cortisol level when coffee is consumed after waking up. It also hurts an empty stomach. In the digestive system, hydrochloric acid is released when a cup of coffee is taken to an empty stomach. It also increases the pain in the stomach suffering from gastritis. Again, there is a tendency to increase the acid level in an empty stomach leading to vomiting and bloating. Sometimes diarrhea or stomach upset may occur due to regular intake of coffee in the morning.

Persons with heart disorders should avoid coffee if blood pressure or heart rate increases. So, it is better to avoid coffee first thing in the early morning. But that does not mean there are no other ways to stabilize the energy during the day.

People should engage themselves in some productive activities throughout the day, and a night of good sleep is a must. The body should get proper rest and the mind needs to be free to enjoy a good sleep and a healthy lifestyle.


Yoga is like exercise. It is a combination of deep poses, physical postures, and concentration. A few minutes invested in yoga sessions in the early hours of the morning will bring peace to mind and body. It improves the lifestyle, making it healthy. A quick session of yoga will significantly boost up energy levels. Yoga helps in losing weight and improves blood circulation, reducing the stiffness of the body muscles.


An outdoor activity like walking is perfect for health. Almost 45 mins of morning walk improve heart conditions. It is a natural way of enhancing the energy level and it lasts long too. Morning walks give peace as a person gets involved with nature directly making the mind fresh and energetic.


Music always refreshes the mood of human beings. It energizes the body and uplifts the spirit. While doing workouts or going for morning walks, music can be a good friend to the mind and body. It helps improve the body’s performance while doing any sort of activity.


Generally, the body needs to be dehydrated after a long night’s sleep. While sleeping at night, body organs like kidneys work insufficiently under a less dry condition leading to more significant energy costs. Moreover, hydration is essential for the body and brain functions. Hence drinking is advisable before starting the day.


Aromatherapy works like magic in healing the various parts of the body and mind. It is a type of treatment that needs extracts from natural plants and essential oils for therapeutic purposes. Taking baths or messages with these aromatic oils gives freshness throughout the day. This also helps in giving good sleep at night after a hard day.


Breakfast is essential in the morning before starting the day. Food rich in fibers and carbohydrates releases sugar to the blood at a slower rate, producing energy that lasts quite long. Hence it is important to choose a proper breakfast.

So, to avoid the adverse effects of coffee, it should be kept aside as it might not be a good option for human health after waking up in the morning.

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