Two-Thirds Of the Residents Of Three States Fully Vaccinated

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 15, 2021

26 States have fully inoculated more than 50% of their residents. They also reveal one thing. The States with the highest rate of vaccination has reported the lowest number of COVID 19 infections. According to CDC, three States; Vermont, Connecticut, and Massachusetts have fully inoculated two-thirds of their residents. These States, according to the agency, are reporting the lowest number of infections. In other States, however, unvaccinated people are filling up hospitals.

Two-Thirds Of the Residents Of Three States Fully Vaccinated

Certain hospitals report that the rate of the availability of ICU beds there is the lowest since the onset of the pandemic. This is the result of a combination of the influx of unvaccinated COVID 19 patients and other traumatic injuries, they said. Some among them are about to reach their full capacity.

Two-Thirds Of the Residents Of Three States Fully Vaccinated

In the State of Florida, one hospital reports that 27 among 28 of its ICU beds are occupied with COVID 19 patients. Up to 85% among them are unvaccinated.

Doctors also reported that some of the unvaccinated patients ask for vaccination. But they ask when it is too late to be of help to them.  They fail to understand that vaccination is a protective barrier.

As per the data available till Saturday, COVID 19 patients were occupying 43% of the ICU beds there. 31% of the ICU beds across the country are occupied by COVID 19 patients.

In spite of the prevalence of the Delta variant, vaccines work against COVID 19, reports CDC. The COVID 19 shots from Moderna are 95% effective against the virus irrespective of age. The same was 80% for the ones from Pfizer and 60% for the ones from Johnson & Johnson. However, it declined to 76% among those 75 and above. The same is 89% for the adults below 75.

At present, fully vaccinated means that two weeks have passed after the second dose of either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine. The Federal authorities, in the meantime, are considering the possibility of a booster dose. If it is approved, the definition of being fully vaccinated may be altered but that will depend on the decision FDA and CDC may take.

The new vaccine rules President Biden announced in recent days have received both harsh criticism and praise. But health officials observe that such mandates will help both the employers and employees. A large number of businesses are relieved that such mandates are being issued.

Such measures make workplaces safer and increase employee retention. Employers have to make their staff feel that their workplaces are safe. And mandates will make it happen. In fact, this creates a win-win situation for both businesses and their staff; both will have peace of mind.

It may take many more such rules to eradicate the pandemic.

Health officials also hope that people will accept them. No one would want to say no to work or to education. Vaccination should be a voluntary decision, they say. But if people don’t do it, they have to try the alternatives.

The dangerously contagious Delta variant, when combined with our vaccine-hesitancy is putting the country in a tough situation.

It is unfortunate that we have a hard-to-persuade group of people refusing to vaccinate. The country is trying to persuade them. In the instance of a failure, it will have to impose vaccine mandates.

America has the tools to eradicate the COVID 19 pandemic. But its people are reluctant to accept them.

Federal officials also have a suggestion to schools grappling with frequent outbreaks. They should make testing more effective. They should divide students into groups and test them at regular intervals rather than waiting for symptoms to appear. This way, they will eliminate the need for quarantine.

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