Tyler Skaggs’ Death: Former Angels Employee Eric Kay Sentenced To 22 Years

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : October 13, 2022

An employee of Angels, Los Angeles, has been subjected to a sentence of 22 years of imprisonment. This follows against the discovery of his involvement in the death of Tyler Skaggs.

The prosecution proved that the drug’s administration was beyond the prescribed limit, which is why Tyler died in Texas. Eric Kay not only procured the drugs but also conspired to administer them to Tyler just before his death. 

Their involvement in the crime proved his motive and Mala fide intention to kill a person. The prosecution also established the involvement of this former employee for waging derogatory remarks about the deceased and his family through phone calls and emails. 

This employee was involved in this entire incident, which could be dated back to the first of July 2019, when he was already ready to open the four-game series against Pixar Rangers. Eric was a part of the entire drug trafficking racket. After his conviction, he would be serving this sentence in Fort Worth. 

His Reaction

As the judge of the district court of The United States of America read his sentence, there was no reaction or protest on the part of Eric and his family members.

Tyler Skaggs' Death: Former Angels Employee Eric Kay Sentenced To 22 Years

He did not produce any concrete evidence before the court that could help him prove his innocence. The court duly admitted and recognized all the evidence produced by the prosecution.

Evidence against Eric

Eric was involved in procuring illegal drugs from the Middle East and other parts of South America. He subsequently distributed these drugs to the league players. These league players testified against Eric because of the receipt of these drugs from 2017 to 2019. The drugs that Eric supplied to the players were the same as those found in Tyler’s autopsy. 

According to the postmortem report, Tyler choked to death after taking a mix of alcohol with other drugs, such as oxycodone and fentanyl. Eric had been accused of illegal Securement and distribution of the banned drugs. He also consumed the drugs himself, and his close friends and family confirmed this with adequate amounts of evidence.

Apart from his involvement in the drug conspiracy, he was prosecuted for 2 years. Eric had passed derogatory remarks against Tyler and his family. It was at the time when he was first arrested and put behind bars. This action was criticized not only by the public but also by the judge because it represented a very human side of his personality which was devoid of any compassion and guilt. 

Eric tried to justify but simply stating that he was mad at the world, but this is not the kind of expectation from a 47-year-old person who is a rational man for all the common activities. He did not take responsibility for whatever time he committed, and this was something that received a backlash from the people. It wasn’t expected out of him to stoop so low. After the dismissal of the case, he was immediately transferred to the new prison, where he had to stay for the next 22 years of his life. 

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He deserved this punishment for whatever he did to the former player. A criminal animosity cannot justify the involvement in such a heinous crime against humanity. It is only for the Judiciary to decide what is the truth, and Justice has been served to Tyler.

A very minute possibility is available to Eric to appeal against the sentence. It is not confirmed for the time being whether he would be exercising this right or not. It will be decoded in the future. 

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