Type 1 Diabetes Children With Mild DKA Can Benefit From Subcutaneous Insulin Therapy

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : October 10, 2022

For all children with Type 1 Diabetes, a new kind of treatment has come into being. This treatment is associated with subcutaneous insulin therapy, which is very safe and cost-effective. It is also linked to a short-term hospital stay.

This has reduced the craze for intravenous insulin therapy, which is not only harmful to the human body but also very expensive to afford for the time being. 

For Children With Mild Type 1 Diabetes With DKA, Subcutaneous Insulin Therapy Is Cost-Effective

The new technique helps cure mild DKA among students. This finding has been confirmed by the recognized Scholars and researchers of different Universities and Research Institutions over time who have collaborated to discover this treatment so that a new way of hope can be developed.

Type 1 Diabetes Children With Mild DKA Can Benefit From Subcutaneous Insulin Therapy

The study has been established with the help of an economic evaluation amongst 129 students. This sample population was between the ages of 2 to 14 years, and the economic data were evaluated from 2015 to 2020. 

It was discovered that the average cost of hospitalization for all the people dependent upon intravenous therapy was 10 times higher compared to those who relied on subcutaneous insulin therapy.

In the second case, the time taken for hospitalization was also very less. This probably established the utility and the Supremacy of the treatment. That is why almost every hospital now promotes the second type of therapy to cure type one diabetes in children.

The study was only limited to the entire treatment’s average cost and time span. Shortly, additional research will be able to cover a lot of tangents like a societal burden and the mental trauma associated with the disease. 

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What exactly is this kind of treatment? 

This kind of treatment is linked with the infusion of different electrons inside the body so that the dialysis process can be conducted in a very mitigated way. It is completely different from the conventional theories, which involve a large amount of time and cost. This kind of treatment is available for all children with type one diabetes. 

It has been specifically developed because there is no other alternative available to the conventional theories, which usually affect the mental health of the children who undergo such therapy. That is why the doctors find it safe to subject the students to such therapies over time.

The effectiveness of this therapy has been enhanced over some time with the help of better technology and better methodologies of execution. It has basically become the need of the hour to bring better effectiveness over time. This is vitally essential for the achievement of the given targets. 

Almost all people have the tendency to resist the previous kind of treatment, but this is the only kind of treatment for which people can easily get ready and tolerate the side effects because they are very mild. This process is able to connect with a lot of people and that is why the scope of the treatment has gotten enhanced over a very short span of time. This has brought a better chance of recovery and children without compromising their childhood can easily get subjected to this treatment. 


It can be concluded that almost all people depend upon this new kind of treatment due to a lot of advantages which can be obtained by the same over a period of time.

It is vitally important to make this treatment more effective so that the utility could be experienced by a lot of people and the children could be saved from Type 1 Diabetes which usually affects health to a great extent. 


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