UK Announces New Paperwork For Travelers

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 9, 2021

When life finally has begun to take the normal path, people are all set to travel. Either a business trip or maybe an educational trip, folks around the world are just flocking out of their homes. But countries are still cautious about the safety of travelers and everyone else. 

UK Announces New Paperwork For Travelers

In a move, the United Kingdom has introduced a new paperwork policy for International travelers. Starting 8th March, International travelers from the United Kingdom need to fill additional travel form. The new document is required to be filled in prior to the travel. 

UK Announces New Paperwork For Travelers

The form is a sort of permit required for international travel from the UK. It permits travelers to go on an international visit under the restrictions of “stay at home” imposed in the United Kingdom. The filled form, duly signed, should be carried by the passenger for the travel. It can either be downloaded on the phone or maybe carried as a hard copy.

The form must be duly filled and completed before boarding the flight. It can be checked online or at a check-in counter, and even at the departure gate. The passengers who are not having this additional document with them can be denied their booked service by the airline. 

Not only is the form a mandate for International travel from the UK, but also it is a legal obligation of the travelers to the government to seek permission during the hour of restricted movement in the country. They need to visit the website and fill the form to travel abroad. 

Ports and airports in the United Kingdom are made more vigilant and regularly being checked by police as well. The police officers carry out a spot check, and they are given the right to ask any passenger any traveler to produce a completed form when asked for the same. 

International travelers who fail to produce a completed permit form for their travel can face huge fines. They have to pay an amount of 200 pound if not carrying this additional document with them. 

In the United Kingdom, people are still under the “stay at home” restrictions imposed by the government. Traveling without the consent form simply implies an illegal act. If one requires to travel abroad, it is obvious to seek prior permission to citing valid reasons to travel. Not doing so will entitle legal action on the passenger.

All the UK ports are being spot-checked by the police. Passengers need to comply with the domestic lockdown rules or have to face action.

If one is found to travel abroad from the United Kingdom, and without reason for the travelers, it will be denied the service, sent back home, and can even face a severe penalty for breaking the rules. 

The penalty for trying to travel outside the permitted reasons or without the additional consent form starts from USD 270. The penalty can shoot up to USD 8857 approximately.

Apart from this additional form, many other travel guidelines are already in place that the UK government approves. Travel rules are really strict in the UK these days. Travelers from the UK and around need to be careful about these guidelines.

  • International arrivals require to undergo a pre-departure test.
  • Travelers who are returning back to the United Kingdom after traveling to a red-flagged country need to self-quarantine in a government-approved facility. The isolation period is set to be 10 days. 
  • Apart from the self-isolation, the International travelers are also required to be tested on the 2nd and the 8th day of their arrival while in the quarantine facility.

Additional police forces are deployed on the ports to maintain the guidelines.

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