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Ukraine Has Set A New All-Time Death Record As A Result Of Vaccine Hesitancy

Coronavirus infections and fatalities in Ukraine reached all-time highs on Thursday, despite the country’s sluggish vaccination rate, which is among the lowest in the European Union. Ukrainian officials recorded 22,415 new confirmed illnesses and 546 fatalities in the last 24 hours, the greatest number of confirmed infections and deaths reported in the country since the outbreak began.

Authorities in the 41-million-strong country have attributed a rise in illnesses to a sluggish immunization rate among the population.

Ukraine Has Set A New All-Time Death Record As A Result Of Vaccine Hesitancy

In Ukraine, people may select from a variety of vaccinations manufactured by Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Sinovac. However, only around 15 % of Ukrainians are completely vaccinated, the second-lowest percentage in Europe after Armenia.

In all, more than 2.7 million illnesses and 62,389 fatalities have been recorded in the nation.

In the last few weeks, Ukraine has seen a steady increase in the spread of infection, prompting the authorities to impose limitations on access to the public areas and use of public transportation as a result. Starting on Thursday, evidence of immunization or a negative check will be needed to board flights, trains, and long-distance buses, among other modes of public transportation.

Ukraine Has Set A New All-Time Death Record As A Result Of Vaccine Hesitancy

Because of the stringent restrictions, a black market for fake immunization certificates has sprung up. Ukrainian President VolodymyrZelenskyy presided over a conference earlier this week to discuss methods to fight the practice. The police have said that they accuse employees at 15 hospitals throughout the country of being involved in issuing forged vaccination certificates.

A new lockdown has been avoided despite the growing threat of contagion, as the government seeks to avoid further harming an economy already battered by the conflict with neighboring Russia, that annexed Ukraine’s the Crimean Peninsula throughout 2014 and backed a separatist uprising in the north and eastern industrial heartland, among other things.

In order to promote immunization, the authorities have begun to provide injections in shopping malls and other public places. As the number of reported illnesses increased, cautious views started to shift, and a record amount of more than 251,000 individuals got vaccinations in the last 24 hours, setting a new record.

“I’m concerned about an increase in infections; my buddy is in critical condition in a hospital,” Denys Onuchko, a 38-year-old businessman from Kyiv, said after getting the first dosage of the vaccination at a shopping center in the city.

Onuchko noted that conspiracy theories regarding vaccinations have misinformed many Ukrainians but that as the crisis worsens, they are adopting a more rational attitude to the issue. According to him, “people have been frightened by tales, but the actual danger must bring them to their senses.”

According to Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko, the city’s hospitals are seeing an inflow of patients, with a growing proportion of them in critical condition. According to Furman, many individuals in her entourage, including Yulia Furman, 47, who was also given the first vaccination injection, expressed belief in vaccine conspiracy ideas.

In her words, “Many of my friends accepted those tales about a worldwide conspiracy, and now that they are critically sick, it is imperative that we defend ourselves.”

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