Universities Put Greater Emphasis On Athletes’ Mental Health After Crises

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : November 18, 2022

In one of the recent incidents in Indiana, it has been discovered that three athletes of the football team of the university were killed in a car accident.

This is one of the most tragic kinds of incidents that have been able to shake the conscience of the people to a great extent. It has put everybody in a state of shock and most of the other team members are not ready to come out of the shock. 

The University department has started focusing to a great extent on mental health in the athletic departments. This is a time of crisis and the support of the organization is required for the well-being of all the people who are a part of the same.

It is definitely a tough time for all the players at the University of Virginia who have been playing together for a very long time. Losing all of them at once may not be acceptable to many of them. The details of the accident have been revealed by the police station.

How Did The Players Die? 

The prime suspect of the incident Christopher had short gun injuries upon these players the moment they stepped down from the cars.

Universities Put Greater Emphasis On Athletes' Mental Health After Crises

He was also an ex-player on the football team of the university. The exact motive behind such a heinous offense is not yet known. Children in the university are not only tense about their own safety but also are suffering from a very tough state. 

The mental health of these children has been impacted due to the recent incident that took place at the university. Apart from the present crisis, most of the people who came back to the university after 2 long terms during the pandemic also showed signs of depression and anxiety.

That is why there was a need on the part of the university to arrange for clinical programs and psychologists immediately so that relief could be provided to these people. 

The most important focus of this program is to provide a sufficient amount of mental cure to the athletes because mental peace and control over mental illness are required in every sport.

If this control is lost then automatically the chances of gaining back the sportsman spirit are also lost. The university is trying its level best for providing access to counselors and therapists. They are available 24/7.

What are the effects? 

It can be said that after the university made the decision to focus on the mental health of the sportsman and the athletes, a positive impact has been experienced so far.

In fact according to a recent survey their voice and improvement in 75% of the children who got the services from these counselors. It is able to depict that the focus and the investment of the university in mental health have increased by almost 10 times as it was 3 years ago. 

This is a positive move because mental illness is becoming one of the most common illnesses among teenagers and it has got a tendency to impact their future as well.

It is only with the help of all of these factors that all the universities can maintain a reputation. Different types of exchange programs are also being conducted in order to increase the confidence of these people so that they can express themselves. 

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It is only because of this particular perspective that the importance of mental Healthcare programs is being highlighted so that all educational institutions try to focus on incorporating the same as a part of their curriculum.

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