University Of Georgia: Members Have Announced Intentions To Require Masks

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 25, 2021

Teachers now at Georgia Institute Of technology have revealed intentions to demand masks in their classes, despite the fact that their university- system does not mandate mask use. They claim they will face disciplinary action if they do not follow through with their plans. More than 50 members of the Campus of Georgia’s life science faculty penned a note to university officials this week, saying that action is required to stem the spreading of the Covid-19 virus.

University Of Georgia: Members Have Announced Intentions To Require Masks

According to the faculty members, “we are strongly committed to the learning and well-being of all students and staff and feel obliged to safeguard our students and fellow workers from the needless risks connected with improper global health planning and messaging.” It said that “we shall wear masks in order to safeguard our students, staff, and faculty colleagues,” as well as requiring all staff and students to wear masks in “classroom and labs” until local neighborhood transmission rates improve in the letter.

University Of Georgia: Members Have Announced Intentions To Require Masks

According to Jeff Bennetzen, a genetics professor at the University of Georgia, the participating faculty want to implement the mask requirement measures in early October, allowing the parent USG an opportunity to rethink its policy. It is recommended that students use masks and vaccines, although such precautions are not required in order to attend class in the system, which consists of 26 public colleges.

In an interview, Bennetzen said that scientists are taught to seek out and follow the facts. “I think that we will lose our ethics and credibility if we remain quiet while poor public health policies harm the University of Georgia community.”

According to Bennetzen, the university has not addressed the idea of taking any disciplinary action, and both presidents of the university, Jere Morehead, as well as Provost Dr. S. Jack Hu, expressed gratitude to the facility personnel for their contributions.

The Campus of Georgia is “dedicated to doing all in our power to safeguard the health, safety, and well-being of our community,” according to a statement from university spokesman Greg Trevor. Trevor also out that the University of Georgia must adhere to the instructions of the University System of Georgia Board of Trustees, which does not permit its schools to impose mask or vaccination requirements.

“They will continue to aggressively promote vaccines as well as the use of face masks while in our buildings and grounds. According to USG guidelines, however, neither the university nor particular faculty or staff members has the authority to require facial coverings in campuses, such as classrooms. “Trevor shared his thoughts. In reply to the faculty’ letter, the USG stated on Wednesday that “institutions already have mechanisms in place to deal with instances that entail defying USG instructions.”

According to the USG, the university system is barred from using a “vaccine passport system” since it is a state institution. The university system also claims that the number of positive testing for Covid-19 at UGA is decreasing.”The University of Southern California is dedicated to keeping all of our communities safe and healthy. This is a duty that we take seriously, says the author. “According to the statement, when entering campus facilities, we highly advise everyone to wear masks or other facial covering, and we strongly recommend that they do so.”

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